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   Chapter 363 Abdicate

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"At that time, we were chased, but fortunately, Bill and I could still stand here safe and sound. As for how hard the process was, it was not something that could be expressed in a few words. Now all we want is to find out who is behind all this, "

"Miss. Euralia, do you mean that you are suspected to be hunted down by someone who has been plotting for a long time?" One of the reporters asked.

"I'm not suspecting. I'm sure. Otherwise, how could there be such a coincidence in the world? " Said Euralia, looking at Violet.

Violet avoided her gaze and said with a smile.

"It's good that you come back safely. Tonight is the banquet of the Su family. Let's talk about something happy." Violet changed the topic on purpose.

Because she was worried that the topic would extend to her.

"Well, it's time to talk about something happy. Speaking of Bill's position as CEO, thanks to you, the temporary CEO. " Euralia sneered.

In fact, they all suspected that the accident was caused by Violet.

"We are family. It's my duty to do so." Violet replied in a low voice.

Now the situation was not good for her at all! Her tone sounded lack of confidence.

"In that case, what you just said should also count, right? Bill has come back. Will you break your promise, not to return it to him? "

Euralia knew that it was not appropriate for Bill to say something at this time, but she didn't care about this.

"Sure. I will hand over my work tomorrow morning. It seems that you are more anxious than Bill, Miss Euralia! "

"I'm also a shareholder of the Ou Group. It's natural for me to get involved in this matter, isn't it?" Euralia still had five percent shares of the Ou Group.

It was reasonable for her to ask about these things.

"It's my pleasure." Violet gritted her teeth and dared not show her anger.

Now she wanted to find Eric and ask him what had happened! Unexpectedly, Bill was invited to the banquet of the Su family, and took this opportunity to make his return safe and sound to the media.

In this way, Violet couldn't do anything secretly. Even the handover work was open to the public, and there was no way to break her promise

"Well, we are guests today. Let's call it a day. It's not good to steal the host. " Bill said.

The reporters had already got what they wanted. It was a big news about the return of Bill and Euralia. They didn't continue to ask questions, but continued to take photos of the two of them.

"Bill, did you see that? Violet looked terrible. " Euralia held Bill's arm and smiled proudly.

"I won't let her go so easily on this matter." Bill didn't investigate Violet before although he was biased against her.

This accident made him more suspicious of Violet. It was not easy for her to persuade the shareholders to be the temporary CEO in more than ten days.

How could a woman who stayed at home all year round know about the company's affairs? Bill was confused.

"I also think there is something wrong with her." Said Euralia.

"Well, let's go over there. The person we should thank most tonight is James. " Bill looked at James and nodded.

ou still have feelings for her? " Euralia immediately moved to the other end of the sofa, unwilling to get close to Bill.

"Euralia, maybe you don't know that she almost lost her life for me not long before you came back. I feel guilty for her, but it's definitely not love. I refused her euphemistically just now, and you heard that. "

Bill followed Euralia to her side and put his arm around her waist.

"But it seems that she still doesn't want to let go. Shouldn't you be ruthless?" The more Euralia thought about it, the angrier she became. She had said those words that she was going to die with Bill.

But Bill is still so euphemistic!

"I will be cruel when it's time, but not now. I hope we can stop suspecting each other, okay? " Bill held her even tighter.

"I don't want any woman to possess you, and I don't want to separate with you anymore. Shirley is still living at home. We will always see each other then. "

Now that Euralia had chosen to go back to the Ou Mansion, she had to completely know who was threatening her and Bill this time.

Shirley was her biggest rival in love. How could she bear to live under the same house with Shirley!

"I'll talk to Shirley about it some other time. Is it okay in two or three days?" Bill coaxed Euralia!

"Seriously, you can't lie to me." Euralia snorted.

"Of course. When did I lie to you?" Bill kissed her forehead and hugged her sweetly.

"Well, I'll give you three days. You must deal with the relationship with Shirley in three days. " Said Euralia coquettishly.

"Okay, three days." Bill replied gently.

Standing upstairs and eavesdropping in the hallway, Shirley gritted her teeth. Even if she knew that Bill didn't like her, she would never leave.

Why did she have to leave as soon as Euralia came back? She wouldn't leave this time.

But she had to find a reason to stay in the Ou Mansion. She couldn't let Euralia succeed!

Shirley always believed that love was earned. She would not wait, nor would she give up the person she liked to fulfill their wish!

She was not that great!

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