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   Chapter 362 A Piece Of Cake

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One of the security guards immediately grabbed Bill's arm and stared at Bill unhappily.

"You don't want to leave, do you?" The security guard threatened.

Bill squinted at the security guard who was holding his arm and answered coldly.

"Let go of me right now." Bill warned.

"Wow! How dare you threaten us?" Another security guard said proudly.

Bill ignored him and continued to walk forward. The security guard tightly grasped his arm, not allowing him to move half a step.

Bill didn't say anything this time. He nimbly grabbed the security guard's wrist and pulled it back. Then came the security guard's roar.

"How dare you attack us? You don't want to live." One security said and several security guards rushed up.

Bill had never fought with anyone, and it was not his turn to do it before. But since they came to him today, he would not show mercy.

For a while, Bill knocked them down one by one. Soon, he attracted the attention of passers-by.

Many people recognized him as Bill at a glance. Recently, the news about him had been on the top search for the first time.

The security guards on the ground were shocked when they knew that Bill was the former president.

Bill ignored the crowd's criticism and strode forward without looking at the security guards.

Bill walked to the door of the company, but was stopped.

"Bill, it's not the right time yet. Let's wait for tonight." James went to Ji family to look for him. After learning from Euralia that Bill had come to Ou Group, James rushed over.

Bill turned around slightly, and James told him the plan tonight. Then he followed James into the car and left.

It was so noisy downstairs that Violet, who was in the office, had already received the news that Bill had come back.

Outside the office, there were already discussions about the appearance of Bill today. Violet began to feel uneasy.

She hadn't been president of Ou Group for a few days. She hadn't controlled the whole company. She wouldn't give up so easily. But even if Violet had such ambition now, her ability had not reached this level.

In the past ten days, she didn't know much about the company's affairs. As for Bill's shares, she hadn't been handled well yet.

"Assistant Michelle, come in right now." Violet made an internal call and hung up the phone.

Michelle walked in from the outside. She only hated Violet.

Because Michelle knew that it must be Violet who sent those men to belittle her today. But Michelle hadn't calmed down since she returned to the company, so she didn't come to see Violet.

"Mr. Violet, what can I do for you?" Michelle swallowed the resentment in her heart. She must find an appropriate time to revenge.

"Bill is back? You should know about it, right?" Violet didn't point out that she sent those men, but she knew that Michelle must have guessed it with her intelligence.

"And then? Mr. Violet, are you worried?" Michelle replied with a sneer.

"It seems that you have already known it. Why didn't you tell me?" What worried Violet most was that Bill would appear in public.

Because when Violet held the press conference, she said that she was just a t

ook for Eric, but suddenly someone patted her on the shoulder behind her. Subconsciously, she thought it was Eric, so she turned around with a smile.

It was Bill who appeared in front of her. His deep eyes made Violet shiver.

Bill's sudden appearance caught Violet off guard. Besides, didn't Eric also attend this banquet? Why didn't he inform her in advance that Bill had also come?

"What? Do you think I'm dead?" Bill asked Violet coldly.

"Bill, I'm so happy that you can come back alive." Violet had always been good at pretending.

"Are you really happy?" Bill giggled.

Violet nodded. She had mixed feelings.

The arrival of Bill soon attracted the attention of all the media, who had surrounded them.

The battle between the two CEOs was the most eye-catching thing for the reporters today.

The reporters began to ask questions. After all, Violet had said that she would abdicate as long as Bill came back.

The reporter asked immediately.

"Mr. Violet, now Mr. Bill is back. Will you transfer the position of CEO to him?"

Hearing this question, Violet was so angry that she wanted to tear up the reporter's mouth. But at this time, she could only think about it.

Everyone knew that Ou Group was the property of Ou family. The Ou Group of stock was falling since she took over it. In this case, it was unreasonable for Violet not to give up her position.

"Of course. Bill, now that you're back, I'm relieved. I prefer to be a housewife." Violet smiled awkwardly.

"Since you said that in front of everyone today, I will take over the company tomorrow." Bill answered in a relaxed tone.

Bill had seen through this woman's ambition, but she could only play such a little trick in front of him and lose.

"Well, it's a rare chance for us to get together. We can talk about it when we go back tonight." Considering that there were too many reporters present, Violet was worried that Bill would talk nonsense.

When Violet was worried, a reporter asked about the accident between Bill and Euralia.

When Bill was about to speak, Euralia, who was standing aside, spoke first.

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