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   Chapter 358 Unable To Go Home

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It was the first time for Bill to live in a small apartment. He thought the living environment here was not good, but when he entered, he found that everything was different from what he had imagined.

Although it was very small, it had all kinds of things. The kitchen, bedroom and bathroom were all prepared.

Although it was small, it was warm.

"Go and take a shower." Bill handed the clothes to Euralia.

Euralia nodded and walked to the bathroom with her clothes.

It surprised her that Bill was such a gentleman. Euralia thought to herself.

As soon as Euralia closed the door, she turned on the shower head. Bill came to the bathroom and knocked on the door.

"You forgot to take the towel." Bill came here with a bath towel.

Although there was already a bath towel in the small apartment, Bill, who was a neat freak, was more relieved to use the bath towel he bought.

After all, he usually lived in a five star hotel. It was the first time that he had lived in such a small apartment.

When Euralia opened the bathroom door, Bill immediately walked in and put the bath towel away.

"I didn't call you in." Euralia covered her chest and said.

"Have you forgotten who we are?" Bill smiled. He, who had his back to Euralia, turned around slightly.

"If you keep doing this, I won't talk to you anymore." Euralia quickly took down the bath towel he had just put down.

Perhaps it was because of the long journey that she suddenly twisted her ankle when she stood on her toes.

Euralia lost her balance and let out a scream.

However, she did not fall on the cold floor, but fell into a man's flesh wall.

Bill was holding a naked Euralia, staring at her with lust.

"I can't control myself if you don't get up." Bill whispered in her ear gently.

"Let go of me." Euralia blushed.

"Are you sure?" Bill looked down at the other side of her ankle. If his eyes didn't deceive him, she had sprained it.

"Well, let me go." Euralia gave him a hard push. The moment her right foot fell on the ground, she screamed in pain.

Bill picked her up and covered her with a bath towel.

Although he really wanted to have this woman, it was not now.

He put Euralia on the bed and walked into the bathroom to take a shower. Euralia quickly changed her clothes and sat in the living room watching TV.

When she saw today's news about the replacement of the Ou Group, her face turned pale.

Bill dried his hair and walked out. Euralia turned off the TV in a hurry.

Violet had become the CEO of the Ou Group. If Bill went back, it would be difficult for him to return to his original position.

"What's wrong? Why do you look so bad? " Bill asked.

"Nothing. Maybe I am too tired. I want to sleep. " Euralia didn't know how to tell him the news.

This news must be a big blow to Bill. If she told him at this time, he might not need to sleep tonight.

"We haven't eaten anything yet. I'm going to cook something. Wait a minute. " Bill said and walked to the kitchen.

Just now, they went to the supermarket to buy some food. He cooked for Euralia in person tonight.

There was nothing to eat outside this suburb at this time. It was snowing heavily outside. The owner of the shop had already closed the door.


ed. He felt happy for them when he saw Euralia reunite with Belle.

But when he thought of the company's affairs, he was very depressed.

"Uncle Bill, what's wrong with you? You look unhappy. " Belle hugged Euralia and didn't forget Bill

"I'm fine." Bill answered slowly.

He was thinking about how to deal with Violet. Just as Euralia said, he couldn't just appear at this time.

He wanted to take the company back from Violet, so he didn't want to expose the news that he had come back. He didn't want to be on her guard.

"Bill, no matter what happens, we will always be with you." Letting go of Belle, Euralia walked over and patted him on the shoulder.

"Well, I may have to live here temporarily." Said Bill.

"Of course. Mommy and Uncle Bill are finally together again." Belle shouted happily.

"Well, if Violet had a plan in advance, it would be very dangerous for you to appear at this time." Said Euralia.

"That's right. We have to take a long-term view." Bill sighed.

He had never thought that Violet would have such an ambition. If it weren't for this accident, he wouldn't even take this woman seriously.

Because when he thought of his mother, he didn't like this woman. Now she dared to do such a thing when he was in danger.

Bill wouldn't let her go this time as long as he turned over.

Soon, it was evening. When Moore came back from work, he was very happy to see Euralia and Belle. Euralia told her the situation, but didn't mention Bill.

She knew that her brother had a prejudice against Bill, so she wanted to talk about Bill's living here during this period of time.

"Bad people always pay for their bad deeds. So you haven't been with Bill, have you?" Although Moore knew that Euralia and Bill disappeared together, when he saw Euralia alone in the living room, he thought that Bill had already...

"Brother, what did you say? I haven't finished yet. " Euralia frowned. She didn't expect her brother to be so happy.

"Euralia, you don't have to worry about Bill threatening you anymore." Before Euralia opened her mouth, Moore said.

At this moment, Bill was standing upstairs and listening to what Moore said.

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