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   Chapter 355 Escape From The Valley

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Euralia kept calling Bill's name. She was worried that he would never wake up again.

The rain at night was particularly cold. Her thin body hugged Bill, hoping to give him some warmth.

But gradually, Euralia's body became very cold. The cold wind and heavy rain had blown the two people's bodies stiff.

If it went on like this, even Euralia might not be able to hold on. At the same time, her body was constantly trembling.

Euralia's calling finally woke up Bill.

Bill, whose eyes were wet by the rain, struggled to open his eyes. When he saw Euralia crying for him, he felt heartbroken.

But this time, he was unable to protect her well and felt helpless.

"Euralia, leave here as soon as possible. It's too cold outside. Go back quickly. " Bill reached out to touch her face.

Euralia grabbed his hands and put them on her face. The tears rolled down her face with the rain.

"Bill, let's go together. If anything happens to you, I won't live alone. "

Sobbed Euralia.

This was the most beautiful honeyed words Bill had heard in the past few years. Now he felt more deeply the love of Euralia for him.

From the moment he knew that Euralia jumped off the cliff with him, Bill felt that all these years of waiting was worth it.

"Silly girl, I just hope that you can live safe and happy." Bill said dotingly.

"I won't be happy without you. Bill, I just want to be with you." Euralia choked with sobs.

"We will get out of the valley safely." Bill didn't believe that he was trapped here. His luck was not so bad all the time.

"Okay, so you must hold on." Euralia was about to untie Bill.

At this time, the two guards were hiding under the eaves not far away from them, and they didn't notice what Euralia was doing.

"Let's escape from here." Euralia smashed the bowl used for worshiping the temple into pieces and cut off the rope on Bill's body.

But at this time, Bill was powerless. Even if they cut off the rope, it was difficult for them to escape from the two tribes.

Although they were not together, they could still be seen clearly from the other side.

"Bill, that's enough. I'll distract them first. You run away from here later. " Said Euralia, pointing at the other side of the temple.

As long as they walked around the temple, they could completely avoid the sight of the two people.

"But what about you?" Bill frowned. It was the first time that he felt himself so useless.

In the past, he had always been the shoulder for Euralia, but this time, she had to suffer for him.

"It was you who risked your life to save me in the past. Please allow me to pay for you this time." Euralia looked at Bill affectionately.

"If you want to leave, just go with me. I won't leave you alone." Bill said firmly.

Euralia felt a little helpless. She knew that Bill was stubborn. Besides, it was impossible for him to abandon her in this situation.

"No, I have to draw their attention." Euralia looked at the two men.

"Wait, isn't that Dr. Tim? "Stunned, Euralia saw Dr. Tim in the dim light.

No one knew what Dr. Tim was talking to the two men. At this time, their attention was completely focused on Dr. Tim.


ife's room. Get out of here right now! " Dr. Tim came over in a hurry and criticized.

Seeing this, the tribe leader immediately called out the man inside.

Everyone in the tribe knew that Dr. Tim's wife died for the whole tribe. This was another reason why they respected him so much.

"Dr. Tim, I hope you can forgive me if I offend you today." The tribal leader's eyes changed, without the arrogance just now

"I don't want to see you off." Dr. Tim snorted and asked him to leave.

The crowd finally left. Dr. Tim quickly opened the room.

"Come out quickly. I have arranged a carriage to send you out." Dr. Tim shouted.

Euralia and Bill got out of the bed, changed into dry clothes and got in the carriage prepared by Dr. Tim.

Before leaving, Euralia and Bill knew that Dr. Bill's wife had died in order to save the whole tribe, trying drugs in person.

Back then, the tribe encountered a pestilence, and everyone suffered this disease. And the wife of Dr. Tim was the first one to stand up and try the medicine.

When Dr. Tim found the antidote to the pestilence, his wife had been poisoned to death. From then on, Dr. Tim was conferred the title of a highly skilled doctor.

And the price of this highly skilled doctor was his wife's sacrifice, and it was also the reason why the tribe respected him very much.

"Bill, Dr. Tim said we could leave the valley at dawn." Euralia looked at Bill hopefully.

"Okay, let's not be apart again after we go home, okay?" Bill was afraid of losing her.

After hearing the story between Dr. Tim and his wife, he was more afraid of death. He wanted to cherish the present and the person in front of him.

"Okay." Euralia said with a smile.

If it weren't for this accident, they might not know how important they were in each other's hearts. Especially Bill. He even thought that Euralia was no longer the woman she used to be.

But after this accident, he felt that her love for him became deeper and deeper as time went by.

"Promise me that you will never leave me again. I will try my best to love you and make you happy. " Bill hugged her.

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