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   Chapter 353 Something Fishy

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Ian took a glance at Euralia and smiled.

But at this time, Bill and Dr. Tim had closed the door and walked out. They didn't see the expression on Ian's face.

The two stood outside the door. Dr. Tim began to ask about Bill's condition in the mountain. When he saw Ian, he also thought he was not a kind person.

But he didn't tell these words to Bill. He was waiting for the result.

But now, except Ian, there was no other person who could let Euralia wake up. So he had to listen to him and wait outside.

Bill kept looking at his watch. Half an hour was so long for him.

If Ian's treatment failed, it meant that Euralia might never wake up again.

At the thought of it, Bill felt that it was a terrible thing. He couldn't imagine what would happen to him if Euralia left him forever.

In the past, when she left, at least he knew that she lived in a corner of the world. But this time, they might part for ever.

"Don't worry. Although Dr. Ian did something weird just now, maybe he can really wake her up."

Although Dr. Tim was a famous doctor, he admit

ibility as a doctor. But I'm still worried so that you must be careful on the way." Dr. Tim was clear that it was not easy to walk on the mountain road, so he exhorted him repeatedly.

"We have a narrow escape from death. We are so lucky. We will get out successfully this time." Euralia replied with a smile.

"Miss Euralia, you should also take care of yourself." Dr. Tim breathed a sigh of relief. Seeing that they were safe, he felt better.

After they exchanged greetings, Bill and Euralia left Dr. Tim's house.

However, they didn't leave directly but went to the temple of the tribe.

Last time, Bill came to pray for the safety of Euralia. He came to express his gratitude before leaving.

They came to the temple together and bowed three times to show their respect.

But at this time, dark clouds floated over, and the sun was instantly blocked.

"Bill, it seems that it is going to rain." Said Euralia, pointing at the sky.

"It's okay. We can go back tomorrow."

While speaking, Bill noticed that there were many people who were staring at him.

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