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   Chapter 352 Go All Out (Part Two)

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When Bill opened the bottle, the snake hovering on the herb suddenly hissed.

When he looked forward, the tail of the snake was entangled with the herb. And its tongue was waving in front of him.

The length of this snake could be imagined. He quieted down and even slowed down his breathing.

He looked back sideways. If he stepped back, he would die without a doubt.

Seeing that the snake was about to touch his face, he bent down as fast as he could.

But the snake quickly followed him the moment he bent down. He hurriedly grabbed the snake's head. At the same time, the snake's body had wrapped around his arm.

His arm turned purple!

In a trance, Bill seemed to hear someone shouting, and then he fainted.

When he woke up, it was already the noon of the second day.

The first person he worried about after waking up from the nightmare was Euralia. He only remembered that he heard someone shouting when his arm was about to be broken by the snake on the mountain yesterday.

Then he fainted. But why was he here? What was going on?

"You are awake." The man who appeared in front of Bill was about his age.

Bill looked around and found he was in a tent.

"Who are you?" Bill asked vigilantly.

"My name is Ian Yin. I'm from the tribe. When I went up the mountain to pick up herbs, I saw you were attacked by a snake, so I took you to the foot of the mountain."

Ian Yin replied with a smile.

"A member of the tribe?" Bill looked at Ian Yin up and down and found that he didn't fit in with the tribe of Dr. Tim.

It seemed that he was not from that tribe.

"What's wrong? Why are yo

alia than to let her lie quietly here.

"Please go out for a while." Ian Yin made a request.

"Go out? Why do you ask us to go out?" Although Bill chose to trust him, he still couldn't accept his request.

After all, they just knew each other. If he went out and the man did harm to Euralia, the consequences would be unimaginable.

"Don't you believe me?" Ian Yin asked.

"Dr. Ian, how are you going to treat this patient? And you want us to leave?"

Dr. Tim asked out of curiosity.

"This is the treatment method passed down from our ancestors. No outsiders are allowed to stay aside. I hope you can understand my difficulties." Ian Yin replied helplessly.

In this tribe, there were indeed many treatment methods that were different from those in the cities outside. Most of them were passed down from their ancestors and should not be passed down to outsiders, which was clear to Dr. Tim.

Ian Yin's request made sense.

"Mr. Bill, let's go out." Said Dr. Tim.

"You can just wait outside. I need half an hour." After saying that, Ian Yin looked at Euralia.

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