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   Chapter 351 Go All Out (Part One)

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The moment the recording was clicked on, it was the recording that Euralia thought she would be frozen to death in the snow.

The first half was left to Belle by her, and the second half was left to Bill.

"In fact, I always have feelings for you. In fact, I still love you."

After listening to the recording, Bill's eyes turned red. He held her hand tightly.

"Euralia, I must save you." His love for her had never changed. At this moment, seeing the unconscious woman, he felt very sad.

He would rather be the one lying on the bed!

"Mr. Bill, today is the third day. I've tried my best. I'm afraid you have to be prepared." Dr. Tim had used all the precious herbs he had collected all his life.

However, Euralia's condition was still not getting better. He just needed to tell Bill her physical condition to make him mentally prepared.

"Is there really no other way?" Bill was unwilling to lose her.

"In fact, it's not that I can't do anything about it. It's just that as a doctor, I can't tell you." Dr. Tim sighed and shook his head.

If he told Bill the way to save Euralia, Bill would trade his life for her life.

There was a magical herb in the tribe, which was said to be able to cure all diseases. But this kind of herb grew on the top of the cliff.

There were also people in the tribe who used to climb rocks because of this herb, but none of them could come back alive. It was said that this magical herb was guarded by poisonous snakes all year round.

Even if Bill could climb up, he would be attacked by snakes. That was why Dr. Tim didn't plan to tell him about this.

But when he saw Bil

nd compared it with the herb he saw above his head. It was exactly the one he wanted.

However, the herb above his head was about three or four meters away from him, and the ground where the herb grew was the most dangerous place.

Bill looked carefully and saw a big black snake twining around the branch of the herb. Even if he could find a way to get the herb, the snake would probably attack him directly.

Besides, as long as he moved his feet a little, he might fall down from here at any time. After all, he didn't have any safety precautions now.

He tried to find a way. He had come here with his strong willpower. He must come up with a perfect plan to prevent himself from being hurt at this time.

Now it was not just about his life. Whether he could get the herb or not was related to the survival of Euralia.

Bill took out the medicine specially given by Dr. Tim from his backpack. Dr. Tim didn't know the types of the snakes in the mountain.

This kind of medicine only worked on some venomous snakes, but it did not mean that it was effective on all snakes.

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