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   Chapter 348 I Will Protect You

Interminable Love For You By White Characters: 10268

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Euralia choked with sobs, tears rolling down her cheeks. When the tears fell on her clothes, they immediately condensed into ice.

She wanted to tell Bill that Belle was his biological daughter, but she hesitated again. She deleted the voice she had just recorded.

Euralia continued to turn on the recorder.

"Belle, I hope you can live a happy life in the future, even if I leave you. As for Bill, I hope you can take good care of Belle for me. Thank you for your help. In fact, I always have feelings for you. In fact, I... "

At this moment, Euralia heard the sound of the car driving. She immediately put her phone into her pocket.

As if seeing a life-saving straw, Euralia immediately opened the door and walked out, waving at the car.

The car stopped and Bill got off. He just went back along the route that Euralia might take. But he couldn't find Euralia.

This was the last way to the Su Mansion. He finally found her.

Euralia was surprised to find that it was Bill.

"Why are you here?" She was very excited to see Bill.

"I'm looking for you." Bill strode towards her.

He noticed that Euralia was trembling. At this moment, he just wanted to hug Euralia to warm her up.

Euralia stood still quietly. Bill gave her a warm hug.

This hug came not too late, just when Euralia needed it most.

This time, Euralia didn't push him away. Instead, she opened her arms and hugged Bill.

"Thank you, Bill." Euralia smiled with tears in her eyes. She had planned for the worst. Bill's arrival gave her hope.

"Don't be afraid. I'm here." Bill whispered in her ear.

No matter how warm Bill's hug was, it still couldn't make Euralia stop shivering with cold. She was still trembling. It was too cold outside.

"Get in the car." Bill held Euralia's arm and walked towards the car.

Back in the car, the heating in the car finally made Euralia feel her hands and feet.

"Can we go back to the Ou Mansion?" Bill asked.

Euralia nodded.

Bill started his off-road vehicle and was about to turn around.

But when he looked at the rear view mirror, he saw a gun stuck out from a car behind the car.

The smart Bill immediately drove forward. His speed was so fast that Euralia had not yet sat steadily and leaned forward.

"What's wrong?" Euralia panicked.

"Someone is following me." Said Bill.

As soon as he finished speaking, there was a burst of gunshot. Euralia was so scared that her heart almost jumped to her throat.

"What's going on? Why did they chase you? " Asked Euralia.

"I don't know what's going on now. Sit tight." Bill focused on driving.

After all, there was no street light for a long time.

"Okay, drive carefully." Said Euralia, gritting her teeth.

Bill concentrated on driving, but the driving skills of the cars behind him were no less than his.

They followed Bill's car and were about to overtake them.

This section of road was rugged and difficult to walk on. As long as they walked this section of road and went forward, they would be flat.

These people behind them had probably

sincerely hoped that Bill could come back safely, but she did not know that Violet wanted to hear more bad news.

"Now we can only pray that Bill will come back safely. I don't have a better way. " Violet sighed.

Shirley sat aside in silence. No one could tell what she was thinking at the moment.

She didn't expect the situation to be so bad this time. She just wanted to teach Euralia a lesson, but she didn't expect that Bill would be implicated.

She had been waiting for him for so many years. Of course, Shirley didn't want anything bad to happen to Bill.

"What's wrong with Uncle Bill and Mommy?" Belle went downstairs and guessed what was going on when she saw the dull atmosphere.

"Isn't she Euralia's daughter? When did you move in the Ou Mansion? " As soon as Stephanie saw Belle, her tone became sarcastic.

"Miss. Shirley, this is arranged by Mr. Bill." Terri immediately stood out to speak for Belle.

"Belle, something happened between Mr. Bill and Miss. Euralia. But they should be back in the evening. " Terri comforted Belle.

"But I saw the news that Uncle Bill and Mommy were chased." Tears streamed down Belle's cheeks.

Terri didn't know what to say.

"Don't worry. My brother is lucky. But every time he meets your Mommy, something happens. I have to say that your Mommy is really a jinx. "

Stephanie had a prejudice against Euralia. At this time, she even slandered Euralia bluntly.

"My mommy is not a jinx. Someone framed Uncle Bill and Mommy. It has nothing to do with my Mommy. "

Belle cried and retorted.

"You are so eloquent at such a young age. No wonder you are the daughter of Euralia." Said Stephanie scornfully.

"Mommy and Uncle Bill will definitely come back. I'll tell him then." Belle cried harder and harder.

"Well, why can't Stephanie live with a child in peace?" Violet said confidently.

At this time, she just needed to wait for good news. She didn't want to cause unnecessary trouble. She had to pretend to be well-educated and reasonable in front of everyone.

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