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   Chapter 347 Feeling Back

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Bill slightly raised his head and stared at Euralia. According to James, James had no interest in Euralia. But Euralia's feeling for James was probably not that simple.

"When will you move out of Su Mansion? As for the house, I have prepared one for you." Bill only hoped that Euralia would cut off all contact with James.

"It's my business whether I move out or not. Bill, why are you in such a hurry?" Euralia snorted and turned her face away.

"Or you don't want to move out at all?" Shirley cheered up.

"I'm not here to talk about my private life with you, and you have no right to ask. Which room does Belle live in? I want to see her."

Euralia didn't want to take one more look at the couple, especially at their intimate appearance, which made her jealous.

"Belle said that she wouldn't meet you if you didn't move out of Su Mansion, in case someone would break her promise." Shirley made up a story to refuse the meeting between Belle and Euralia.

Shirley's purpose was to hope that Euralia could leave as soon as possible and not to disturb the two of them.

"Belle is my daughter. It's my freedom to meet her. No one can interfere." Ignoring the two people, Euralia went upstairs.

Since they didn't say that she could find it by herself, after all, Euralia was not unfamiliar with Ou Mansion.

"Euralia, where are you going? This is Ou Mansion, not your home." Shirley stood up and stopped her.

Euralia turned around with a disdainful smile.

"The owner of Ou Mansion didn't say anything. What right do you have to stop me? You have to know that I haven't divorced Bill. You are the last person who is qualified to stop me."

Euralia didn't show any respect to Shirley.

Shirley looked at Bill for help, but he had no intention of stopping Euralia.

When Euralia disappeared upstairs, Bill also stood up.

"Bill, where are you going?" Shirley grabbed his arm immediately.

Euralia might live in Ou Mansion tonight. Shirley couldn't let Bill sleep alone tonight. Shirley didn't want to see them in the study in broad daylight like last time

"Do I have to report to you where I am going?" Bill looked at Shirley who was holding his arm.

"No, that's not what I mean. It's just that we haven't finished yet. I want to talk to you for a while and see when we can go out for a date again."

Under Bill's gaze, Shirley let go of his hand obediently.

"Let's talk about it later." After saying that, Bill went upstairs.

Worried, Shirley followed him. She stood outside Bill's room for a long time. Now Shirley was most afraid that the two of them would sleep in the same room.

As Bill's current girlfriend, she couldn't tolerate them having sex anymore.

But it was not a good idea to stay here. Shirley continued to walk forward. When she came to Belle's room, she saw that Euralia was chatting with Belle. It seemed that Euralia couldn't leave tonight.

"Mommy, can you stay with me tonight?" Belle requested.

"No, I have to go back." Euralia thought of the day when Bill asked her to go to the study, he could do this to her. If she stayed here tonight, maybe he would make fun of her again.

Euralia didn't want Shirley to say that she was the woman who came to him voluntarily. Although

make the phone call at all.

"I really can't go back now." Soon, Euralia's head was covered with a layer of white.

The piercing cold wind forced her to go back to the car, but because the car broke down, she could only half cover the door.

There was no heating in the car, followed by her constant sneezing.

"It's so cold." Euralia knew that she had to wait and see if there was anyone passing by.

Her car was too low to walk on such a thick road. It would be more dangerous to walk back at this time.

There was no street light on this road. It would be more troublesome if she fell into a snow pit. So she had no choice but to stay in the car.

Euralia began to regret why she had chosen this road just now. If she had taken the downtown route, she would not have encountered such an accident.

Unfortunately, it was too late to regret. The car was covered with snow. Euralia kept trembling in the car. It was particularly cold at night.

She took out her phone and dialed for help, but the phone was hung up.

"Do I have to stay here tonight? What should I do? I still have Belle." Wearing only a down jacket, Euralia still felt cold.

After all, she had always been very weak. Not to mention that the temperature at night was a dozen degrees below zero.

If things went on like this, she might be frozen to death outside. All she hoped now was that someone would come to save her as soon as possible!

Euralia didn't want to die, because she still had her daughter, Belle. She couldn't leave Belle alone!

Euralia's body was stiff, and even her fingers holding the phone began to become stiff. Her red fingers were soon frostbitten.

She felt that her body was slowly out of control, and Euralia had made the worst plan.

No one would come out in such a snowy day. If she was really frozen to death in the heavy snow, she had to leave some words to Belle.

So Euralia took out her phone and turned on the recording, starting to record it to Belle.

"Belle, I don't know if I can make it through tonight. If I can't, you must take good care of yourself. And Bill, I hope you can help me raise Belle up, because you are her..."

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