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   Chapter 345 Will You Come Back

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Euralia could see the jealousy in Shirley's eyes, but the tone of Shirley's words just now made Euralia very uncomfortable.

Of course, Euralia wouldn't be nice to Shirley. After all, she was no longer the former Euralia.

"Miss Shirley should be his girlfriend now, right? As his girlfriend, it's your fault that you can't satisfy your man."

Euralia admitted that she had sex with Bill and fought back.

"Do you mean that you admit that you took the initiative to come here?"

"So what? I hate those who don't know the truth and talk nonsense most." Euralia said angrily.

"You..." Shirley's face turned pale with anger.

"James is still waiting for me downstairs. I'm leaving now." Euralia walked past Shirley arrogantly.

Shirley was so angry that she almost spat out blood. When she turned around to look for Bill, he had disappeared.

When Euralia came downstairs, she saw James sitting in the living room. Her expression changed immediately. In fact, she pretended to be angry with Shirley just now.

Euralia didn't have the face to tell James that she was looked down upon by Bill today. Although they had never admitted their relationship clearly when they were together.

But in Euralia's eyes, she had acquiesced in their relationship.

"Euralia, you finally come down. Did he do anything to you?" James asked after Euralia came over.

But there was no worry on James's face. In fact, he had already guessed what had just happened. He just wanted to see if Euralia would lie to him.

"Nothing. I just told him about the divorce, but Bill refused." Euralia concealed the truth.

"You'd better think it over. I'm an outsider and I can't interfere. But I hope you can make a good sense of your relationship with him during this period."

Euralia's lie was within his expectation, but James was more sure of his guess when he saw her.

Because the hickey on Euralia's neck had already betrayed her.

"I will deal with it as soon as possible. But now Belle lives here. I'm afraid I will meet Bill again in the future." Explained Euralia.

"I see. Let's go back first. I believe Bill can take good care of her." James walked over and stared at Euralia.

Euralia's eyes became dull at once. She nodded dully and followed James back.

Belle refused to go back to Su Mansion with Euralia. Euralia felt empty without a child by her side.

Living in Su Mansion, Euralia was in a bad mood. She opened the photo album and kept looking at their photos.

"I'm really sad that Belle doesn't want to be with me. Where are you, Tyron? Why haven't you come back yet?"

Euralia gently stroked the photo of the three of them, tears falling on the photo.

Euralia knew it was time to build a tombstone for Tyron, although his corpse was gone.

Euralia told James what she thought. Accompanied by him, Euralia soon found a legendary land.

Euralia knew very well that a dead person could not be revived. One year was enough for Euralia to face the fact that Tyron had passed away.

With the help of James, Euralia had a miscarriage for Tyron.

As his sister, Belle took a black and white photo of Tyron's smile to the cemeter


Even if Euralia knew that Belle was only a six year old child, Belle couldn't tell right from wrong. But Belle's leaving had hurt Euralia a lot.

"Do you hate me so much? Belle?" Euralia asked Belle desperately.

"I have said that as long as you leave him, I will be with you. Otherwise, I'd rather be with Uncle Bill."

Belle said, pointing at James.

James came over and asked Belle in front of everyone.

"Belle, do you still hate Uncle James because of Ace?" James couldn't understand why Belle hated him so much.

"Yes, but not just that. Uncle James, I think you are a bad guy, so I hate you." Belle hated James from the very beginning, because she felt that the James in front of her looked different.

Belle thought James was a bad guy because of the phone call.

That day, Belle was playing hide and seek with Ace in the living room, and James happened to be in the living room. Belle heard James answer a phone call. She clearly heard James say, "you must kill him!"

At that time, Belle immediately ran out with Ace in her arms. Belle didn't tell anyone about it, including Euralia.

After all, Belle didn't have any evidence to prove that James was a bad person.

After hearing what Belle said, James felt a little emotional, but he quickly adjusted his mood. Belle was just a child. No one would believe her without any evidence.

"You hate me, so you think I'm a bad guy. But your mommy loves you so much. Shouldn't you hurt her heart like this?" James put in a good word for Euralia.

"I don't want mommy to be with a bad guy." Belle said, not daring to look into James's eyes.

Belle clearly remembered how frightening James was when he held his phone and said those words with a fierce look that day.

Every time Belle thought of it, she would be very scared, so she left Su Mansion desperately.

"Since you don't want me to live in Su Mansion, we can move out by ourselves." Finally, Euralia compromised.

Because Euralia felt that there seemed to be some fear and uneasiness in Belle's eyes.

James had never expected that Euralia would say that!

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