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   Chapter 343 Come Unasked

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Bill thought of Euralia and James. Was she with him when she didn't answer the phone at this time?

Thinking of this, Bill clenched his fists. Bill had been skeptical about the explanation James gave him today.

"Terri, take good care of Belle. I'll go out for a while. " Bill made a prompt decision to go to the Su Mansion.

Since James contacted him again, Bill had never been to his home. They usually met outside.

He wanted to see what Euralia was doing now.

Outside the Su Mansion, Bill was stopped by the security guards.

"No one is allowed to enter without Mr. James's permission." The two security guards blocked the door and refused to let Bill in.

"What if I have to go in?"

The reason why Bill wanted to break in directly was to see what James and Euralia were doing now?

If what James had just said was true that his purpose was to resolve the grudge between them, he shouldn't have behaved intimately with Euralia.

That's why he came to see what was going on overnight.

The two security guards in front of him were no match for Bill. He looked at them coldly.

A sense of coldness went straight to their whole body from their toes, and now it was snowing heavily outside, making them even colder.

"Get out of my way!" Bill roared.

The two security guards looked at each other and whispered.

"Isn't this the CEO of the Ou Group, Bill? I heard some news about him on the radio and newspapers. "

One of the security guards recognized him.

While the two of them were whispering, Bill strode forward. The two of them didn't stop him at all.

The size of the Su Mansion was no less than that of the Ou Mansion. Bill walked around. But he was soon under surveillance.

Surveillance cameras had been installed in many secret places of the Su Mansion. Vigilant James was sitting in the room where he was treating the 'headache' for Euralia, and he had already noticed these.

He clearly knew why Bill came here, and also understood the position of this woman in his heart.

It happened that he could take advantage of this opportunity to make him trust him enough.

Bill was looking for Euralia and James in the Su Mansion. He couldn't wait to know about their daily contact.

Sure enough, after searching for a while, he heard the voice of James.

"Euralia, I can tell that Bill still loves you. Why can't you let go of the past and make up with him?"

Bill looked around and saw James and Euralia sitting in the wine room of the Su Mansion, but the two didn't drink.

He was a little surprised when he heard what James said. He was persuading Euralia to make up with him. Did he misunderstand him?

"You know what happened between me and him in the past. If it were you, would you forgive him?" Then came the voice of Euralia.

But her voice was dull and she didn't feel awake when she spoke. But Bill didn't realize that.

"Of course I will. He hurt you in the past, but you can't forget his kindness for raising you and saving your life, can you?"

James continued to persuade her earnestly.

"James, don't speak for him anymore. I won't forgive him." After saying that, Euralia walked away numbly.

There was only James left in the wine

to Bill for his concern.

However, she was even more disappointed at Euralia. She left after saying those harsh words yesterday and didn't call her again.

"You can leave now." Belle broke free from Euralia's embrace.

Euralia was very sad. She didn't expect that Belle would be so cold to her overnight.

"Belle, don't you want mommy?" Euralia panicked. She was so sad to see Belle like this.

"It's not that Belle doesn't want you, but you don't want Belle first." Belle got rid of her hands and lay on the bed.

"Belle, did Bill do something to you?" Euralia felt that Belle had been more alienated from her since she moved in the Ou Mansion.

Such alienation slowly evolved from disappointment in the bottom of her heart, but Euralia didn't know it at all. She even thought it was Bill who put obstacles in her way.

"It has nothing to do with Uncle Bill. It's just that mommy, you are no longer the former Mommy." Belle didn't want Bill to take the blame and speak for him.

"Why am I different?" In fact, Euralia also felt that since she had a headache this year. Most of the time, she would forget what she had done.

Her memory had obviously declined a lot, especially now she felt that sometimes her behavior was completely different from what she thought in her heart.

"Belle, you are always the love of your mother. If you don't go back with her, don't say anything that will make her sad, okay? "

James didn't want to continue the topic, so he stood out and interrupted Euralia.

"You have no right to judge me here. Mommy has changed since she was with you." Belle stared at James angrily.

James shook his head helplessly.

"If you are angry, just come to Uncle James alone. Don't make your Mommy sad anymore, okay?" Said James.

"James, I'm sorry. It's my fault that I didn't educate our daughter well. You treated us so well, but Belle misunderstood you in the end. "

As soon as Euralia heard that James was blamed by Belle, she immediately defended him.

Bill, who was standing aside, looked at James. He felt that there was something wrong with Euralia. He felt jealous when he heard it.

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