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   Chapter 342 The Stalemate Between Mother And Daughter

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Bill knew that Euralia hadn't been in good health, but he didn't expect her to be so weak that she fainted easily.

"Go and find a doctor for me right now! Hurry up!" Bill picked up Euralia and sent her back to his room.

Seeing that Bill still cared about Euralia so much, Shirley became displeased.

Was Euralia pretending to be sick and faint? It was shameless to use such a dirty trick to get Bill's sympathy as soon as she came back. Shirley thought to herself.

Standing aside, James looked at Shirley and frowned slightly.

When the doctor arrived, Euralia had already woken up. When she saw Bill, she immediately got up from the bed. She was even unwilling to accept the doctor's treatment.

She had a headache since the miscarriage a year ago, which was a habit for her. It was not surprising that she fainted today.

Now she would easily pass out because of headache as long as she was slightly stimulated.

"James, Belle, let's go." Ignoring Bill, Euralia stood up.

"Don't leave until you have a physical examination." Bill pushed her down to the bed.

"Bill, my body is mine. I can have a check-up if I want. You have no right to force me if I don't want to."

Euralia was still hostile to Bill. She didn't care about his concern anymore!

"But this is my home. I invited you here and I have the responsibility to let you leave safely." Bill found a seemingly perfunctory excuse.

"In fact, Uncle Bill just cares about Mommy." Belle added.

As soon as Belle finished her words, there was an awkward atmosphere around her.

"Belle, don't talk nonsense." Euralia shouted awkwardly.

"See a doctor for Miss. Euralia right now." Bill ordered the doctor beside him. No one could stop him from doing what he wanted to do, which was his usual style.

The doctor walked over and Euralia looked at him vigilantly.

"I don't want to see a doctor. I'm leaving now." Euralia glared at Bill angrily.

What she hated most was Bill's coercion to her. It used to be and was now.

"Why are you still standing here? Why don't you checking right now? " Ignoring Euralia's objection, Bill scolded the doctor.

The doctor hurried up and said politely.

"Miss. Euralia, let me check it for you." The doctor was also embarrassed. But he had to listen to Bill.

"Bill, Euralia has been ill for a long time." James finally said.

Everyone looked at him. James whispered in Bill's ear about the miscarriage.

"Bill, as you wish. I lost my baby and fell ill. Are you satisfied? "

In a fit of anger, Euralia told him everything that had happened.

Back then, Bill didn't force her to have an abortion. It was Euralia who kept escaping. At that time, the reason why he said that was because he was angry.

But Bill was not good at explaining. How could he tell her what he had thought in the past!

"Then you should have a physical examination." Bill continued.

"I don't need your kindness. Who knows what scheme you have?" Euralia's eyes were full of vigilance.

She didn't trust Bill anymore.

Bill flickered disappointment when he noticed her vigilant eyes.

nk of that man." Bill thought to himself when he walked past the door.

Every time Bill thought of the identity of Belle, he would feel unhappy. It was the child of Euralia and another man.

He would still mind in the end.

In the evening, Terri came to Belle's room and asked her to get up for dinner. But she found Belle lying on the bed and not moving at all. She reached out and touched Belle's forehead. It was hot.

Have a fever! The high fever had caused her to pass out. Terri immediately informed the doctor to go home again.

After knowing the situation, Bill came to Belle's room. Looking at her pitiful face, he couldn't help but feel sorry for her.

"How is she?" Bill asked.

"She has a high fever. What should we do?" Terri was very worried.

At this time, Belle kept calling Euralia, which sounded more and more miserable. He knew that what Euralia said before leaving made Belle sad.

"Shall we inform Miss. Euralia?" Terri knew that Belle needed Euralia the most at this time.

Bill nodded.

He was looking forward to seeing Euralia again. Even though they parted in discord this morning, he still couldn't help but want to take one more look at her.

Terri immediately called to inform Euralia, but no one answered the phone.

This made Terri feel that Euralia had really changed. If she had hurt Belle in the past, she would have called to ask about the situation.

But this time, she didn't call her. When she called Euralia, her phone was also powered off.

Euralia wouldn't be so ruthless before! Terri felt uneasy.

Bill, who was still waiting for Terri's news in Belle's room, asked as soon as he saw her.

"When will she come?"

"The phone is powered off. I can't find her."

"I didn't expect her to be so heartless now!" Bill said in a cold tone that Terri didn't say.

After all, Belle was her biological daughter. After she hurt and left, she never asked her anything. It was indeed not what a mother should do.

What's more, Euralia, who used to be regarded as a kind person, could do such a thing.

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