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   Chapter 341 Betrayer

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How could Euralia be so disdainful? Didn't she love Bill so much back then? Why can't she see any attachment to Bill in a year?

Shirley couldn't figure out why Euralia looked so different from before.

"Of course. From the very beginning, no one can take away what is destined to be." Shirley was referring to the past between Bill and Euralia.

"Let bygones be bygones. Do you still care about it, Miss. Shirley?" Euralia expressed her stand.

"Of course I don't mind. If I do, I won't stand here and talk, will I?" Shirley felt more relieved.

Without Euralia, she didn't have to worry that Bill would leave her.

"As the host, shouldn't you invite me in? "With a smile on her face, Euralia looked around.

She was looking for Belle. She just wanted to see Belle as soon as possible. She missed her so much these days.

"Please, Miss. Euralia. Your brother has arrived. " Shirley made a gesture of invitation.

Euralia didn't expect that her brother Moore would also be there, and according to the current

hen he looked at Euralia in front of him. The intimacy between them had become strange now, and he could not help but feel a chill in his heart.

"Euralia, she is just a six year old child. Who hasn't been wayward in their childhood?" Bill put in a good word for Belle.

"Bill, I'm teaching my child not to get involved." Euralia said in a resolute tone, as if she was talking to a stranger about not caring about her family's affairs.

"You were no different from her when you were a child." Said Bill.

All of a sudden, Euralia recalled her self-willed and mischievous past. Bill's tolerance and love for her.

These pictures flashed through her mind, leaving only pain in it.

"Don't say anything more. Euralia has a headache again." James seemed to have expected this

Hardly had his voice faded away, Euralia covered her head and fell weakly on Bill, who was standing beside her.

Seeing that Euralia had a relapse, Belle stopped messing around. Bill held her firmly in his arms and frowned worriedly.

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