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   Chapter 336 Intruders

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Seeing that Bill cared about Belle so much, Shirley walked up to greet her.

"Isn't this Belle, the illegitimate daughter of Euralia? Are you hungry? I'll get you something to eat." Shirley deliberately raised her voice to emphasize the three words "illegitimate daughter".

In fact, Shirley was reminding Bill that Belle was not his biological daughter. It was a cuckold that Euralia had cuckolded him.

Bill didn't take Shirley's words seriously. All he cared about now was Belle.

Belle looked at Shirley and nodded. She hadn't eaten anything for a day and a night.

"Belle, tell me what happened." Bill couldn't wait to know the situation between Euralia and Belle in the past year.

"Uncle Bill, I miss you so much. Do you miss me?" Belle was not in the mood to tell Bill what had happened this year.

Belle was very hungry, but she was very tired walking in with her luggage.

"Of course I want to. Put down the luggage and go to eat something with me." Bill picked up Belle with one hand and walked to the dining room.

The servant had taken Belle's luggage and prepared a room for Belle.

Shirley happened to come out of the restaurant with some food. When she saw Bill, who was holding Belle with one hand, her eyes trembled slightly.

It was the first time that she saw Bill holding a child, full of paternal love. However, Shirley's heart sank when she thought that the child was Euralia's.

"Bill, I've found some food for Belle." Said Shirley.

Bill walked past her and said softly.

"These are not Belle's favorite food."

Then Bill walked briskly to the dining room, fearing that the baby in his arms would be starved.

Shirley's face froze. It was supposed to be a world of two for her and Bill alone, but Belle appeared on the way.

Shirley was not sure how long Belle would stay here. At this moment, Shirley just hoped that Belle could get out of here as soon as possible. Belle's arrival made Bill ignore Shirley a lot.

Although Shirley didn't like Belle, she could tell that Bill cared about Belle very much. If Shirley went against Bill, she might be kicked out of Ou Mansion by him like a year ago.

Besides, the appearance of Belle meant that Euralia might have returned to A City. Shirley followed him with food in her hands.

Shirley wanted to hear a story about Euralia in the past year. Of course, she also wanted to remind Bill that she was his real girlfriend now.

Bill took Belle to the dining room and immediately ordered the servants to cook. At the same time, Bill went to the kitchen to make milk for Belle.

Shirley put down the dessert and sat on the left side of Belle, asking Belle tentatively.

"Belle, why do you come back alone? Where is your mommy?"

Belle wiped her tears and looked up at Shirley. Belle shook her head and said nothing.

This little girl! 'You didn't answer my question!' Shirley thought.

Shirley didn't show her dissatisfaction with Belle. Instead, she patiently raised the corners of her mouth and handed her snacks to Belle.

"Come on, have some dessert."

Belle remained silent and shook her head. She didn't want to talk to strangers, especially the woman in

end in your heart, right?" Bill asked sharply.

Shirley panicked. Bill misunderstood her and thought she was a casual woman.

Bill was the only one who could make her come to him voluntarily. She was not an ordinary woman.

"I didn't mean that. I just..."

"But what?" Bill asked.

"I just love you so much that I want to have you. Do you know? On the day of the snow slide, I desperately asked you to come back because I really loved you. Although I know you still can't let go of the past, I'm willing to wait."

Shirley mentioned that she sacrificed her life to save him on purpose to make Bill feel guilty.

"Thank you for what you did that day. Well, you haven't recovered yet. Go back and have a rest. I need you to go to the company to help me when you recover."

Bill's attitude towards her softened.

"I will recover soon. But since I'm here, shouldn't you give me something to show your gratitude?"

Shirley, whose hands were still around Bill's waist, leaned against his lower body more forcefully at this time. Unconsciously, the shoulder straps of her pink slip down from her shoulders.

Shirley's upper body was exposed to Bill's eyes. She stared at him with her eyes full of desire.

Bill understood what Shirley meant. He broke free from Shirley's hands and lifted up her falling shoulder belt.

"I'm tired." Bill loosened his grip, turned around and walked into the bathroom.

Shirley gritted her teeth slightly. She had already done this, but Bill could still control himself!

Was she not as charming as Euralia? This shouldn't be a man's attitude!

Shirley had always been confident in her own appearance, but she was unwilling to lose in front of Bill.

In the past year, the most intimate thing between them was kissing and holding hands. Then there was no further development.

Shirley had planned to get pregnant with him in this year, so as to ensure her status as the mistress of Ou family.

But Shirley didn't expect that Bill refused her again and again. Now Euralia's child came to Ou Mansion to make trouble again!

Shirley blamed all this on Belle.

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