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   Chapter 335 An Uninvited Guest

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Belle didn't take Euralia's words seriously and continued to walk forward.

"Stop, Belle Ji!"

Euralia had never called Belle by her full name. This was the first time! Belle really pissed her off this time. It was her fault as a mother that Belle was so impolite to others.

She must teach Belle a good lesson today.

"I'm sorry. I'm not with a liar." Belle stubbornly turned to look at James behind her and said.

"Apologize to Uncle James right now!" Euralia walked up quickly and grabbed Belle's hand.

"No!" Belle opened her eyes wide to show her stand.

"If you don't apologize today, you won't have dinner for the whole day. Go there and punish yourself." Euralia pulled Belle's hand and stopped her.

"I don't care. But Belle is right. He is a liar! I hate him! " Belle scolded angrily, pointing at James.

Euralia couldn't stand it anymore and raised her hand to slap Belle in the face.

At this critical moment, James stopped her.

"Belle is still young and naive. I believe that she said these words unintentionally." James didn't want Euralia and Belle to be against each other because of him.

As for why Belle did this to him, he was a little curious and worried.

"She is so impolite. It's all my fault." Euralia blamed herself. She had kept all the good things James had done to them in mind, but Belle didn't get along well with him in the past year.

She could tell that Belle didn't like James very much.

"After all, she is just a six year old child. It's her nature to be willful and mischievous." James said gently with a smile on his face.

"I don't need your help. You killed Ace. I hate you." Belle got rid of Euralia and ran upstairs.

Euralia was so angry but she was stopped by James.

"Her birthday will be in a few days. Don't be unhappy at this time." James tried to persuade Euralia.

"I don't know why Belle always aims at you. I'm really sorry." Euralia looked down and felt helpless.

"One day when she grows up, she will know that we are good to her. There are some things that can't be rushed." As James spoke, he held Euralia in his arms and comforted her.

Leaning on his shoulder, Euralia instantly calmed down.

Belle ran back to her room and began to pack up her things, planning to run away from home.

She didn't want to stay in James's house any longer.

This time, Euralia didn't inform Moore and Cynthia of their return. Of course, it was James's idea. They had planned to invite them to the Su Mansion to give them a surprise on Belle's birthday.

Belle didn't know that. All she knew was that she didn't want to live in James's house.

She packed her luggage and waited for the night to sneak out.

At dinner time, Euralia didn't go upstairs to ask Belle to have dinner as usual. Belle wept alone at the foot of the bed.

"Mommy doesn't love Belle anymore since she was with Uncle James. I will never come back this time."

Belle held the photo with Euralia and cried.

In the living room of the Su Mansion, James was ordering Daria to prepare dinner for Belle, and he sent it himself.

James knew that Belle had always been biased against him, and he had tried every means to please her, but it had never succeed.

"Mr. James, Belle's dinner is ready." Daria came over with food and said.

"Give it to me. I'll send

ved to Bill and held his arm. She rubbed her face against his arm and acted like a spoiled child.

"Health is the most important. Don't push yourself too hard." Bill didn't take a look at her, but looked at the TV in front of him. He was watching the night news.

Belle, who had just walked in, saw what was happening. The smile on Belle's face disappeared in an instant, because in her heart, only her mother could be so intimate with Uncle Bill.

A year had passed, and mommy and Uncle James had made up. It seemed that Uncle Bill and Aunt Shirley were getting better, which made Belle feel very disappointed.

In her mind, it was perfect for Euralia and Bill to be together.

Out of the corner of her eye, Shirley, who was holding Bill's arm, noticed a person standing at the door. She looked at her abruptly.

"Whose child is she? How dare she break into the Ou Mansion?"

Shirley was very vigilant against this foreign invader. Subconsciously, she didn't want any strangers to get involved when she was intimate with Bill.

Bill looked up. When his eyes met Belle's, his heart trembled.

Belle is back!

"Uncle Bill, do you still remember me?" Belle looked at Bill pitifully, with a suitcase behind her. She looked a little embarrassed.

Bill shook off Shirley's hand, walked up quickly and squatted down.

"Belle, it's really you." Bill held her face with both hands and was very excited.

He missed the child very much this year, because he was not sure if it was Euralia who took her away a year ago. He was also worried that the situation would be terrible if Belle was not taken away by Euralia.

He could also ask about Euralia's recent situation with the appearance of Belle.

The reason why he regained his composure was that he heard the news of Euralia from his friend. Someone accidentally saw Rose in a supermarket abroad.

Knowing that Euralia was in a country, Bill had a general goal.

"Uncle Bill, I miss you so much." Belle hugged him and cried.

"Don't cry. Uncle is here."

Holding Belle in his arms, Bill stared at the suitcase she was dragging, and suddenly felt a lump in his throat. Seeing Belle in such a mess, he couldn't help but feel sorry for her.

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