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   Chapter 334 Her Return

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When Shirley was in hospital, Bill took care of her in person. In order to ease his sense of guilt for her.

Shirley enjoyed it very much. Shirley had recovered, but she lied to him that she was not feeling well and tied Bill to her side.

In the ward, Shirley lied on the bed and asked Bill to peel an apple for her.

Obediently, Bill picked up the apple and was about to peel it.

Because Shirley was hospitalized with the company of Bill, the documents and materials needed Bill to personally look over were sent to the hospital by Michelle.

Michelle came in and happened to see this scene.

"Mr. Bill, here is your information. How about I peel the fruit first and you read the information? "

Seeing that Bill took care of Shirley in person, Michelle was inevitably a little jealous. She was not used to seeing Bill take care of a woman like this!

Bill nodded and put his work first.

Shirley was unhappy to see Bill put down the fruit knife. She stared at Michelle. She was very unhappy that Michelle had come to destroy their world of two for several times these days.

Now, Michelle was not close to Shirley. After all, she also regarded Shirley as a rival in love.

After Euralia left, Shirley was her strongest opponent.

"Miss. Shirley, let's have some fruits." Michelle handed the peeled fruit to Shirley with a trademark smile on her face.

In front of Bill, neither she nor Shirley dared to show their faces. They cared a lot about their image in Bill's mind.

"Thank you, Miss. Michelle." Shirley thanked her politely.

She had never thought of taking the fruit. When Michelle handed it to her, she put her hands away and the fruit fell to the ground.

"Sorry, I didn't hold it steadily." Shirley raised her eyebrows slightly and glanced at Michelle with contempt.

Of course, Michelle knew what she was thinking. After all, they had cooperated before.

"It's okay. The patient can't hold the things steadily because of her poor hands and feet. I just hope that there will be no aftereffect. "

Michelle picked up another apple and peeled it patiently.

Shirley thought to herself, "Michelle is really annoying. If she succeeds in being with Bill, she will definitely let him fire her."

Michelle peeled another apple and handed it to her.

"Miss. Shirley, you have to take it now, or there will be only one apple left for you to eat. You can't eat it anymore! "

Shirley took the apple from her hand angrily and gulped it down.

As Bill's assistant for many years, Michelle was not that easy to deal with.

Bill, who was reading the document, didn't notice their conversation at all and went on with his work.

If Shirley hadn't asked him to stay in the hospital for several times, he might have returned to the company at this time.

After all, Shirley's dangerous period had passed, and now she only had some minor problems.

"Mr. Bill, there is an important meeting that needs you to attend today. Do you have time?"

After taking good care of Shirley, Michelle went to report the work to Bill.

"I'll go back to attend it." Bill replied.

Shirley, who was lying on the bed, frowned. He didn't mean to ask her. This girlfriend had a sense of surviv

ith you after dinner." Euralia didn't want Belle to develop a bad habit of not having meals on time.

"No, I don't want to have dinner with him." Belle said, glancing at James who was walking towards them.

James knew that Belle was still angry with him because of the incident, so he took the initiative to coax her.

"Is our little princess unhappy again?" James walked to Belle, squatted down and coaxed her lovingly.

"I'm not unhappy. I just don't want to have breakfast." Belle turned her face away and ignored James.

"Do you miss Ace?" James snickered.

"Yes, but you lost it." Belle said in a reproachful tone.

"How do you know I lost it? Maybe I've found it back? If you don't believe me, you can go back to the living room and have a look. "

James knew Belle's feelings for Ace. If he wanted to make her happy, he had to find Ace back or give her an Ace.

It was not difficult for him to deal with the little girl's embarrassment.

"Really?" Belle's eyes lit up.

"You can go to the living room to have a look."

As soon as James finished speaking, Belle ran to the living room. She almost tripped over her shoes when running.

"Slow down. Don't fall down." Euralia shook her head and shouted.

"James, where did you find Ace?" Euralia believed it and thought he had found it.

"I just gave her an Ace." James replied meaningfully.

When Belle returned to the living room, she saw Daria holding a Czech wolf dog like Ace.

"Ace, you're finally back." Belle walked over and held the dog in front of her. But when the dog saw her, it immediately ran to the other side.

"Belle, it's not Ace. Mr. James just bought it for you today. " Said Daria.

"Liar!" As soon as Belle knew that it was not Ace, her hopeful eyes immediately dimmed.

"Belle, Uncle James did this to make you happy. How could you curse like this?" When Euralia and James came in, they heard Belle's complaint.

"He lied to me, it wasn't Ace." Belle said and was about to go upstairs.


Euralia was angry this time, James took good care of them this year. If it weren't for his help, they wouldn't have been like this.

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