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   Chapter 333 It's So Cold This Winter

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After work, Shirley and Bill finished the hot pot together. He sent her back to the door.

"No need."

Bill's cold refusal to Shirley made her heart ache.

"Bill, but I feel so cold in my heart."

"Go home now!" Urged Bill.

It was snowing outside and music was playing in the car.

At the thought of such an answer, Shirley felt a sense of frustration.

"It's getting late. Go home and have a rest." Urged Bill.

"Can you go ski with me tomorrow weekend?" Shirley racked her brains to find an opportunity to be with Bill.

Bill nodded.

Shirley got out of the car reluctantly and waved goodbye until his car disappeared in her sight.

"Bill, there is nothing I can't get, including you!"

The next morning, Shirley came to Ou Mansion early to wait for Bill to get up.

Terri handed a cup of hot water to Shirley. In the past year, Shirley had changed a lot. She became gentle and friendly to everyone in the Ou Mansion.

"Thank you, Terri." Shirley replied politely.

"It's not troublesome. Fortunately, you are with Mr. Bill." Terri nodded with satisfaction.

In the past, Terri had always thought that Bill and Euralia were a perfect couple. But when she saw the resentment between the two of them with her own eyes, she found that maybe it was not bad for them to separate.

Now Mr. Bill was accompanied by Shirley, and Euralia had left the city and started a new life. She believed that Euralia, who was abroad, should have found her own happiness.

Terri recalled that a year ago, when she knew that Euralia had left Bill, she was worried about Bill, so she went back to the Ou Mansion.

At that time, Bill was in a decadent state. He felt warm when Terri came back, so he wouldn't refuse.

"Where is he?" Shirley couldn't wait anymore.

Terri answered after checking the time

"Not yet. You know Mr. Bill is punctual."

Shirley waited patiently. After half an hour, Bill went downstairs.

The two of them had breakfast together and went straight to the ski resort.

Finally, the two of them came to the ski resort together. Many people went out to ski today.

As soon as Bill got out of the car, he didn't want to particited in them because of so many people there. It was always the case for lonely people. He felt even lonelier when he saw a group of people having fun.

Shirley dragged him to the snow.

"Can you slide with me?" Shirley pleaded.

Bill didn't refuse. He knew that Shirley was really nice to him, so he wouldn't refuse her even if he didn't like to do.

Perhaps it was because he missed Euralia too much that sometimes Bill also wanted to let it go. He not only loved Euralia, but also hated her.

Bill was good at ski. Shirley couldn't ski at all and she needed Bill to hold her in the back.

Shirley enjoyed this kind of intimacy, which was the real re


Shirley's kindness to him always made him feel sorry for her. Because in his heart, he had always missed the woman who had abandoned him.

In less than five minutes, someone found Shirley.

Shirley was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, and Bill stayed with her all the time. He didn't feel relieved until Shirley was out of danger.

Shirley was temporarily in shock because she was buried in the snow, but she was rescued in time, so she was fine.

When Shirley woke up, the first person she saw was Bill. She was very happy.

She knew that maybe this time she could really win over Bill's heart.

"Bill, are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Why are you so silly?" Bill felt very guilty. Shirley had been doing everything for him. But he had done nothing for her.

It was easy to imagine how much a woman loved him that she could sacrifice her life for him.

"I'm satisfied as long as I can be good to you. I don't dare to expect too much. " Shirley reached out and gently stroked his face.

Bill held her hand, a little excited.

"What's wrong? Are you not feeling well? " Shirley was a little uneasy. She couldn't figure out why he was so excited?

"I know you love me, and I will try to accept you."

Perhaps at the moment when he couldn't see Shirley in the snow field, Bill felt the sadness of losing her again.

Anyway, he didn't want anyone who loved him to be hurt, including Shirley.

If it weren't for Euralia, he might have fallen in love with her. Unfortunately, no one could control the order of appearance, as if love could not be restrained.

"Do you mean that you are willing to be my boyfriend?" Shirley asked in surprise.

"Will you?" Bill asked seriously.

"Of course I will." Shirley threw herself into Bill's arms, there was a gleam in her eyes.

Bill's heart sank.

Why was it more painful to give up than to insist?

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