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   Chapter 331 Love Hate Mixture

Interminable Love For You By White Characters: 10806

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Thinking of the death of Scott, Bill gritted his teeth.

"Yes, it might have something to do with her. But can you really stop loving someone just because she has done something you hate?"

Bill's love for Euralia had never been reduced. He loved her deeply, but he also hated her. Love and hate intertwined, making Bill very painful.

"Isn't she pregnant with another man's child? So you can forgive her?" James continued to ask.

Bill's eyes flashed with danger, which was the last thing he could bear.

"No way! I must ask her to have an abortion. the man who made her pregnant will also die in a bad way."

Euralia heard all these words in her heart, she said in her heart.

"The man who made me pregnant must die a horrible death."

Thinking of the miscarriage, Euralia's heart was full of resentment. Bill was too cruel to kill his own flesh and blood. Euralia would never forgive Bill for the rest of her life.

Euralia could only ask about the fact that James knew Bill after Bill left. Euralia didn't want to hear more, so she closed the door and didn't hear what was happening outside.

Bill asked James to drink with him until midnight. Bill was lying on the sofa, unconscious. James was a little drunk and went to bed alone.

Bill's arrival made Euralia unable to fall asleep all night. She got up uneasily and walked back and forth in her room. Euralia really wanted to go out to see if Bill had left and then ask James about the relationship between Bill and him.

Today, when she saw Bill and James together, she suspected that the two of them were in the same group. So Euralia had to go out to see what was going on.

Euralia opened the door quietly. It was very quiet outside.

After making sure that she didn't hear Bill's voice outside, Euralia walked out.

Euralia found that the light in the living room was still on. She slightly narrowed her eyes and looked downstairs. She found a figure on the sofa, but she was not sure if it was James.

There were several bottles on the table in the living room. Euralia went downstairs with relief. Because she was sure that the person on the sofa was drunk.

Euralia walked to the living room and recognized Bill at the first sight.

It was already three o'clock in the morning. Euralia was not sure if Bill had woken up. If she hadn't thought it was James, she wouldn't have taken the risk to go downstairs.

If Bill woke up at this time and saw her here, it would be more impossible for her and Belle to leave.

After making sure it was Bill, Euralia turned around and went upstairs.


As soon as Euralia turned around, she heard the voice of Bill from behind.

Her scalp tingled, and she wondered if Bill was pretending to be drunk? Did James ask Bill to take her and her daughter home on purpose?

"Euralia, don't leave me."

Bill turned over and continued.

Judging from his voice, Euralia felt that he was still drunk. So Euralia turned around and found that Bill's eyes were closed.

She was finally relieved. Fortunately, Bill didn't wake up.

"Do you think I will believe you after you say this? You don't love me at all. I hate you, Bill."

Euralia vented her anger on the unconscious Bill.


a had already been desperate about Bill. She hoped that this time she could really put aside the past and start a new life.

Of course, this time Euralia didn't reject to accept a person who loved her again and let Belle have a complete family.

Because she knew that the best way to forget someone was to fall in love with another person.

Euralia couldn't forget what she had done five years ago, and when she finally came back here, a series of painful things had happened. She was afraid and didn't dare to recall the past anymore.

Euralia knew that the fate between her and Bill had come to an end. The best ending was to let go.

"But Uncle Bill is still looking for us." Belle's hatred for Bill's imprisonment had faded away. She clearly remembered that Bill had spent the warm night with her.

"Belle, don't mention him anymore. Let's just take him as dead." Euralia held Belle's hand tightly. She had made up her mind that this time she couldn't be like before.

"Let's get on the plane. It's about time." James reminded.

Euralia nodded and walked into the security check area with Belle.

Looking at their backs, James smiled.

James sent away the one Bill loved most. Would Bill be sad after losing his love again?

James turned around and went home. Bill was still at his home.

Bill finally woke up. At this moment, he had been sent back to the guest room by James.

"You are awake." James sat aside with sober up soup in his hand.

"James, help me find them." Bill got up and looked around for his phone. Bill was going to call his men to find out the whereabouts of Euralia and Belle.

"Drink the hot soup first. It's your that can't escape, it's not yours that can't be forced to stay, can't it? right?" James said lightly.

"She is mine, so she is destined to stay with me." Bill answered uneasily.

"Bill, your persistence in career and love may be something that I will never be able to achieve in my life, but some persistence may not be right."

James knew that Bill was stubborn. James tried to persuade bill to give up. Of course, James knew that Bill would not give up because of his persuasion.

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