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   Chapter 324 The Price Of Meeting

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On the second day, when Belle woke up, she couldn't see Bill. She even thought that she had a dream last night and dreamed that he came here to accompany her for the whole night.

There was no trace of him left in the room, and only the maid Celine was cleaning the room.

"Belle, you are awake. I have prepared breakfast for you." Said Celine.

"Auntie, where is Uncle Bill?" Belle asked, rubbing her sleepy eyes.

"Mr. Bill? I came here early in the morning, but I didn't see him. Were you frightened last night? It's impossible for him to come here." Celine replied.

"Am I dreaming?" Belle stood up and walked around the room. Even the glass fragments in her memory last night were gone.

"It should be a dream. Belle, let me tell you the truth. Mr. Bill doesn't allow anyone to accompany you to stay here at night. How can he come here himself?"

Belle thought for a while and thought what she said made sense. Uncle Bill tried every means to separate them. How could he be worried about her and accompany her at this time?

In fact, Bill left the villa early in the morning and went back to the Ou Mansion. He didn't want Belle to see the way he cared about her.

He had planned to torture her and her mother, but when he saw she was helpless, he couldn't help but care about her.

He didn't like himself like this. Euralia could betray him. He swore that he couldn't compromise because of his deep love.

"Mr. Bill, Miss Euralia's room hasn't been cleaned for several days." Terri suddenly came to the door of Bill's study and reminded him.

Of course, Bill knew what she meant, so he gave the key to her.

"You can't let her out." Said Bill.

Terri nodded and opened the door of Euralia's room with the key. When the door was opened, the lonely figure appeared in front of Terri.

Euralia slowly turned around. She was much thinner than before. She looked pale and was not in the condition of a pregnant woman at all.

"Terri, do you know where Belle is?" As soon as Euralia saw Terri, she asked about her daughter.

"I don't know yet, but here you are. You can contact her by calling this number." Terri secretly gave another phone to her.

When Euralia got the phone and was about to call Belle, Terri stopped her.

"I gave it to you secretly. Mr. Bill didn't know it. You can call her after I clean the room and close the door."

Terri looked around as she spoke, worrying that Bill would hear her.

"Thank you, Terri. I know it's hard for you to do it, and I don't want you to be embarrassed." As soon as Euralia finished speaking, she hid the phone.

Terri nodded and began to clean the room, but what they didn't know was that Bill had heard their conversation outside the door.

Bill immediately went to the villa where Belle lived. Because Euralia was pregnant now, he didn't take her phone away on the spot.

But Belle was different. He could take the phone away from her at any time.

Belle, who had been separated from her mother for a day and a night, also took out her cell phone and was about to call her.

She believed that Terri would not lie to her. She believed that she

Because he knew if he asked her to have an abortion, she would hate him for the rest of her life. Bill was also conflicted.

"What do you want me to do to meet her?" Asked Euralia.

"It's very simple. If you still want to get your daughter back, you can trade the baby in your belly for her." Bill pointed at her belly and said.

He always thought that it was not his child, so he hoped that she would take the initiative to ask for an abortion. But she had never thought of that.

Then he insisted on taking Belle away and threatening her in this way.

"What do you mean?" Euralia frowned. She didn't expect that he would have such an idea.

After all, the baby in her belly was his own flesh and blood.

"Do you want to trade your baby's life for your being together with Belle?" He asked, trying to figure out how much she loved the baby.

"Do you really want me to have an abortion?" She asked seriously.

"Do you think there is any man in the world who wants his woman to have another man's child?" His words were reminding him of his own scar.

This pain deepened his hatred for her.

"Okay, I promise you. I just hope that you won't regret your decision today." She had given birth to two children for him, and she didn't want to repeat the same mistake.

"What do you mean? Why would I regret?" He asked with a gleam in his eyes.

"Have you forgotten how you treated me these days? Why don't you trust me? Do you really think I'm such a casual woman?"

She didn't want to have another baby for him, but it was a pity that the baby couldn't live.

"So you mean the baby in your belly is mine? You hope that you can see Belle and keep the baby, right?"

He guessed, raising his eyebrows.

"Yes, the baby is yours. Bill, are you so cruel as to kill your own child?"

She admitted since she was fighting for the last chance for the baby. She was not sure whether he would believe her or not. She just told him what she could say without hiding anything.

In this way, if anything happened to the baby, she might be less guilty. After all, it was a life.

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