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   Chapter 323 Stay Strong Alone

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Bill's sending Belle away was undoubtedly the most deadly blow to Euralia. Belle had always been taken care of by her family since she was a child, so Euralia was extremely worried about her.

Moreover, Bill didn't know that Belle was his child at all. She was worried that he would hurt her.

Euralia had been watching the car disappear from her sight. She leaned against the window and looked at that direction with a dull expression.

Her eyes turned red. She didn't know how Bill would deal with her and her daughter.

"Belle, Mommy will find you." Euralia's hands clenched slightly. She was ready to fight against Bill to the end.

"You want to find her? I'd like to see how you can find her."

All of a sudden, the door was opened and Bill walked in. He came here to see how this woman would react. He had guessed that she must have seen Belle being sent away.

"Bill, where on earth is my daughter now? She is still so young and had a high fever yesterday. Why are you so cruel?"

As soon as Euralia saw Bill, she seemed to come to life and threw herself at him. She suddenly gained strength and immediately grabbed his arms with her hands.

"Give her back to me. Give her back to me." Gritting her teeth, she regretted taking her child back.

Unfortunately, there was no regret medicine in the world.

"You'd better listen to me, Euralia. Otherwise, I can't guarantee that your child will be safe." Bill snorted, broke free from her grip and pushed her down on the sofa.

Seeing that she was so sad because of her child with another man, he became more furious. He had no sympathy for her at all.

"What can't you just let us go? I'm begging you. She is innocent. Please let her come back to me." Restoring her reason, she finally made a request.

She knew that she was no match for him at all. Now she had no choice but to compromise.

"As long as you behave well from now on, I will probably let you see her if I'm in a good mood."

After saying that, he went out. He didn't want to see the helpless look in her eyes, worrying that he couldn't help but soften his heart.

On the other side, Belle was sent to another villa of Bill.

Celine, a maid, came with her. They were alone here.

"Auntie, why is there no one here?" Belle came to the living room and looked around. Although the villa was luxuriously decorated, there was a trace of coldness in the empty living room.

"I heard that Mr. Bill seldom comes to this villa. Except for the security guards at the gate, only servants will come here to clean it from time to time." Celine replied.

"Do you mean that no one lives here?" Belle's scalp tingled.

"Yes, they seldom live here. Mr. Bill asked me to take care of you, so there are only two of us in this villa."

"Then I will be scared when I sleep at night." Belle's mouth kept twitching, as if she was about to cry.

In fact, Celine hadn't finished her words yet. Besides, Bill had told her not to accompany Belle for the whole night.

But she didn't say these words to Belle, because she was worried that she would be too scared.

"After I turn on all the lights for you, you won't be so scared." She coaxed Belle.

"Auntie, can you stay with me all the

n panic, she had cried her heart out.

The man behind her didn't say anything but held her tightly. Belle opened her mouth and bit his hands directly.

But the person behind him didn't have any reaction, as if he didn't feel any pain at all.

It was impossible for anyone else to appear in this villa except Bill. The security measures of the house were very perfect.

It was impossible for ordinary people to enter at will. Undoubtedly, behind her was him.

Seeing Belle like this, he felt a little sorry for her. How scared and uneasy she was now?

"Belle." Bill said slowly.

Belle finally let go of his hands and wiped her tears. She finally saw that the person in front of her was Bill.

"Uncle Bill." Belle threw herself into his arms. She was really frightened just now and thought it was a bad guy.

Bill couldn't help hugging her tightly. She gradually calmed down in his embrace.

Although Belle didn't know why he separated her from her mother, at least she knew the one who was in front of her now. And he was not the thief she had imagined before.

So she felt safe at the sight of him.

Bill didn't know what to say except hugging Belle tightly. He was the one who made her so scared.

He asked the maid not to accompany her at night, because he wanted to torture her and her mother.

But he didn't know why he felt uneasy when he thought that she was alone in this villa, so he came here.

As he expected, Belle was really frightened.

"Uncle Bill, can you stay with me tonight?" Belle calmed down and asked him with sobs.

Bill nodded. Looking at the poor child in front of him, he still didn't have the heart to refuse.

That night, Bill fell asleep with Belle in his arms. The whole night, his arms were grabbed by her as a pillow. Although his arms were numb, he couldn't bear to move her away.

Maybe it was because of the special feeling before. In the past, when Euralia first arrived at the Ou Mansion, she couldn't fall asleep either. That was how he coaxed her to sleep.

But Belle gave him a sense of familiarity, which had nothing to do with love of a couple. It was something else.

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