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   Chapter 322 Separation

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Bill picked up Belle and walked into Belle's room. This time, he not only had to torture Euralia, but also Belle.

He locked Belle in her room and couldn't let the two of them leave without his permission.

Although Terri thought it was inappropriate for Bill to do so, she could not help them.

Because Bill hated Euralia too much this time. Anyone who knew the betrayal of his beloved should be very angry.

Even though Terri still believed that Euralia was innocent.

On the first day when Euralia and Belle were locked in the room, Euralia went on a hunger strike, while Belle cried all day long in the room.

Even Euralia, who was several rooms away from Belle's room, could hear her crying.

At dinner time, when Terri brought the food here, Euralia learned from Terri that Belle was also locked up by Bill and that they had completely cut off all the contact tools with the outside world.

This time, Bill wanted to imprison them completely.

Knowing that Belle was crying because of being locked up, Euralia asked Terri to inform Bill to meet her.

Euralia could make herself suffer, but she couldn't let Belle suffer with her. She, a five year old child, shouldn't have taken the responsibility.

It was not until midnight that Bill came to Euralia's room.

Euralia was startled by the sudden intruder. Now she didn't feel safe at all in the Ou Mansion.

Because she knew that Bill had really changed. He could arrest a five year old child, which was enough to prove how cruel he was.

"Let go of Belle, Bill. You can do whatever you want to me." Euralia's attitude was not as tough as it was in the daytime.

Every child must be a weakness of parents.

"Are you begging me? Aren't you afraid of death? " Bill said arrogantly.

All he could do now was to resent the woman who had betrayed him.

"Yes, I am begging you. As long as you let go of Belle, I'm willing to do anything. Please don't torture a child, okay? "

Euralia was very weak. She hadn't eaten anything for a day, and now she was pregnant. So many troubles could make her fall down in a minute.

"Are you feeling sorry for her? Do you feel sorry for your child with him? " Bill hated Euralia's begging. Because of that man, because of her child with that man.

"Will you believe me if I tell you that the child is not of Cale?" Euralia was not sure how he would deal with Belle if things went on like this.

He could have done anything to her that day, not to mention Belle, a child he thought had nothing to do with him.

If she admitted that Belle was his child and he could show mercy, Euralia chose to tell him the secret.

"I know you are going to say that Belle and the baby in your belly are my children, aren't you?" Bill continued to ask.

"They are really your children." Euralia had never been so serious about this secret that she had never been willing to tell.

But at this time, Bill didn't believe what she said at all, because he felt that Euralia said this to protect them.

"Euralia, when did you start to lie without blushing? Do you think I'm a fool, Euralia? Because of your words, I will believe t

to let go of Belle.

"No, Mommy won't leave, neither will I. I must see Mommy. " Belle replied stubbornly.

"Belle is not kidding this time. It could be seen that Mr. Bill was really angry. So you must pay attention to your words in front of Mr. Bill in the future, understand? Otherwise, even your mommy can't protect you. "

Terri knew how cold Bill was when he became cruel. She had seen his cold attitude towards Scott before.

"I don't believe Uncle Bill is so ruthless. I'll go to find him." Belle was about to stand up when Bill came in.

"It seems that she has recovered?" Bill glanced at Belle coldly.

"The high fever has gone, but she is still very weak." Terri replied.

"That's good. Help her pack her luggage." Bill said slowly.

Belle and Terri were confused.

"Why did Uncle Bill pack up?" Belle clutched the quilt tightly. She didn't want to leave her mother alone.

"Don't ask me why. There is no such reason in my world. I can only take it." Bill replied peremptorily.

"I want to be with mommy. I don't want to leave." Belle cried again.

But Bill didn't pay any attention to it. He went out after telling Terri.

As a servant of the Ou family, Terri had to obey his orders. She didn't know where Bill would send Belle to, but she knew that it was better for her to pack up than others.

After packing Belle's luggage, Terri secretly gave Belle a phone.

"Take this. Don't let Mr. Bill know. At that time, Terri will ask Euralia to call you. "

Belle put her phone into her schoolbag and nodded with all her strength.

"Terri, please take good care of Mommy." Belle cried, but she didn't make a sound.

She learned from Terri that they were in a difficult situation. Now she had no choice but to obey Bill's arrangement.

"Don't worry. I believe Mr. Bill will let you meet her when he calms down." Terri touched Belle's face gently. She felt sorry for her, but she could do nothing.

Belle was soon sent out of the Ou Mansion. Leaning against the bed, Euralia watched Belle's car leave, feeling as if a knife were piercing her heart.

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