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   Chapter 321 Bastard

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The bodyguards could do nothing but watch Euralia go out. It was too early. They could only wait until Bill woke up naturally.

Euralia got on a taxi directly to the hospital, and there was a reporter's car following her car. She didn't find a car following her.

The reporters didn't get any important news yesterday because of the presence of Bill, so they continued to wait outside the Ou Mansion today.

As expected, they finally found the best time to interview Euralia when she went out alone.

As soon as Euralia got off the car outside the hospital, the reporters immediately ran over to interview her the news about her and Bill.

Luckily, Cynthia, who had been waiting for Euralia at the gate of the hospital, immediately rushed up and took Euralia out of the crowd.

"How dare you go out alone at this time, Euralia?" Cynthia held Euralia for fear that she would fall.

She had already known that Euralia was pregnant, but Euralia was worried that Moore would know it, so she specially stressed not to let Cynthia tell him.

Yesterday, she had made an appointment with Cynthia in the hospital, and asked her, a famous doctor, to check the health of the baby in her belly and deal with the morning sickness.

"I didn't do anything sneaky. Why should I be afraid?" Euralia had already been used to other people's discussions and accusations of her.

She wouldn't stand out to respond to her cheating!

"I almost forgot that you are the star Rose. In a twinkling of an eye, you haven't shown up as a star for months. Everyone only mentions you as Bill's wife. "

Cynthia chatted with her in a low profile and came to Cynthia's office.

"I think it's hard for me to get rid of this title all my life. Now I was pregnant with his child. Cynthia, do you think I should have this baby? "

Euralia really didn't know what to do, so she asked Cynthia. She hoped that she could give an idea for her.

"It's a matter of your life. Although we are best friends. I don't dare to give you any advice. You have to make your own choice. "

Cynthia began to examine Euralia's body.

Euralia was silent. She had been troubled by this question all the time. She hadn't felt relieved since she knew she was pregnant.

She was really afraid that Bill would suddenly know about it, and she didn't know how he would react when he knew it.

"Euralia, in fact, every life is not easy to come by. This child must be destined to be with you in your previous life. " As a doctor, Cynthia took life as her basic principle.

In fact, Euralia preferred to keep the baby, but for the sake of Bill.

"I know. I don't want to leave the baby either." Euralia said slowly.

"Since you don't want to, let's see if you want to give birth. Belle will have a companion in the future." Said Cynthia.

Euralia nodded. But how should she tell this to Bill? She really didn't know what to say.

Thinking of Bill's expression of strangling her neck last time, she felt heartbroken.

"When are you going to tell Bi

urned around and ran towards Bill's room.

Terri wanted to stop her, but it was too late. She knew that at this time, even if Belle knelt down, Bill would not be softhearted.

When Belle came to Bill's room and knocked on the door, the door opened.

"Uncle Bill, can you let my mommy go?" Belle asked with sobs.

Bill was standing with his back to her. She couldn't see his expression.

Belle walked in cautiously. She still remembered the horrified expression on Bill's face when he threatened Euralia that day.

"Uncle Bill, can I?" Belle cried louder and louder.

Bill was in a fit of anger. In the past, Cale had admitted that Tyron and Belle were his children. So at this time, when Bill saw Belle, his mood would only become worse.

"Get out!" Bill restrained his temper and didn't want to lose his temper on a five year old child, so he asked Belle to leave as soon as possible before he got angry.

"No, Belle won't go out. I hope you can let my mommy out. She is pregnant with a baby. "

For the sake of Euralia, Belle didn't want to leave even though she was afraid of the frightening eyes of Bill.

"Then don't blame me for being rude." Bill turned around and stared at Belle's tearful eyes.

He walked slowly into Belle. Belle looked at his frightening eyes and couldn't help shivering.

At this moment, she felt that she was about to suffocate, because there was a chill in Bill, which made people feel very uncomfortable at a glance.

"Uncle Bill, what are you doing?" Belle had been standing, but she fell to the ground when she stepped back because she was too afraid.

"What do you think I will do? You are the daughter of Cale, their child. " Bill failed to control his emotions.

His terrible cry shocked the whole Ou Mansion.

"I hope Uncle Bill will let go of Mommy. Please." Belle wiped her tears and said.

"I will let Euralia know that she will pay a heavier price this time. Anyone who betrays me will never have a good end." Bill was full of resentment.

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