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   Chapter 313 Deliberate Compromise (Part Two)

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"Who are you waiting for?" Bill asked.

"Wait for Uncle Moore. He will come to see us later. Uncle Bill, can we ask Uncle Moore to come here? " Belle said before Euralia opened her mouth.

Euralia was puzzled. Belle really didn't know how to hide her words. Once Bill knew it, he might not allow the two of them to stand here.

"Of course you can. It's sunny outside. Come in." Bill said in a flat tone, not noticing that he was dissatisfied with the arrival of Moore.

Euralia and Belle looked at each other, and the two of them found it incredible.

"Did I hear it wrong? Uncle Bill asked Uncle Moore to come here? " Belle murmured to herself.

Bill had disappeared. Although he allowed Moore to visit his family, it didn't mean that he asked him to take the mother and daughter away.

As soon as Bill left, Moore's car slowly drove here. The bodyguard immediately opened the door for him.

Moore was surprised. The treatment he received this time was totally different from last time.

As soon as he got off the car, Belle held his thigh.

"Uncle Moore, have you recovered? Belle misses you so much. " Belle also learned from Terri that Moore had a conflict with the bodyguards and Belle was worried about him.

"It's just a minor wound. Belle seems to be more beautiful." Holding Belle in his arms, Moore praised her.

"Brother, let's go inside." Said Euralia.

"It's rare that he let me in this time. I must take you home this time. " Said Moore, gritting his teeth.

Euralia knew that her brother was worried about her, so he wanted to take her away in such a hurry. He knew they were no match for Bill.

"Uncle Bill is so kind to us. Belle

"Euralia, go back with me. I don't believe that he can kill us if you leave with me." Moore was getting more and more agitated.

He hated that he was always threatened by Bill and that Euralia was always restrained by Bill because of him.

Moore was far inferior to Bill's in terms of power, his self-esteem was seriously damaged.

"Of course I won't kill you, but you have to know that it's more difficult to live than to die."

It would be a piece of cake for Bill to get the goods on the Ji family, which was also the reason why Euralia didn't dare to leave with Moore.

Once she irritated Bill again, it was very likely to affect the people around her. Her brother had been implicated more than once because of her.

He started the Ji group from scratch. She didn't want to ruin her brother's lifelong efforts because of her.

"Brother, you can leave now. I'll take Belle upstairs to have a rest. " Seeing that he didn't leave, Euralia had to carry Belle upstairs.

"Do you even think that your brother is incompetent?" Looking at the backs of Euralia and Belle, Moore shouted in his heart.

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