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   Chapter 306 Goodbye

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Bill knew what Scott meant. The doctor had told Bill about it. They all knew clearly that the situation of Scott was at the last moment.

"Silly child, why are you crying? It's normal for people to die of illness." Seeing Bill crying for him, Scott felt sorry for him, but he didn't want to part with him.

If Scott could go further with Bill, it was a pity that he knew he had no chance.

As for what Scott was going to tell Bill next, Scott was afraid that Bill might never forgive him after Bill knew it.

Even so, Scott still had to tell Bill the truth. Scott didn't want to hide it from Bill for the rest of his life.

"Can you stop saying that? You are the closest person in the world to me." It was the first time that Bill showed his most vulnerable side in front of Scott.

"I'm not afraid of anything since you are so reluctant to leave me. Haven't you always been curious about the reason why your mother passed away?"

Scott held Bill even tighter.

Bill looked at Scott in surprise. He really wanted to know the answer. But Bill hadn't found a suitable opportunity to ask Scott about it recently.

"Dad, why did you choose to tell me at this time?" Bill felt a little uneasy, thinking that there might be something that Scott didn't want him to know.

Bill lost his memory and forgot everything in the past. Maybe it was happier to forget something than to remember it.

"Because this is what you should know. Maybe after you know it, you will not treat me as you do now. Even if you blame me, I will accept it."

The moment Scott decided to tell the truth, he had already made the worst plan.

It turned out that the death of Bill's mother was an accident. Back then, when Bill's mother met Scott on Lover Island, they fell in love. But Ou family had already introduced Violet to Scott.

But Scott loved Bill's mother so much, refused Violet when his family introduced Violet to him.

However, at that time, Bill's mother was pregnant with Bill, and Scott was with her regardless of the objection of his family. Scott wanted to marry her, but they were stopped.

In the end, Bill's mother went abroad to give birth to Bill. During this period, Scott lied to his family that he had broken up with her.

In the end, Bill's mother drowned and died on a trip to the sea with Scott. At that time, Bill and Scott had personally witnessed this scene.

Scott didn't go downstairs to save Bill's mother because he didn't know how to swim. And that was why Scott always felt guilty.

Later, under the pressure of his family, Scott married Violet, but he gave Bill's mother a reputation. But because of what had happened in the past, Bill hated Scott for not saving his mother.

In fact, Bill didn't know that Scott didn't know how to swim, because after Bill's mother died, Scott tried hard to learn swimming because of guilt, and Bill happened to see it.

So Bill mistakenly thought Scott could swim, but he didn't go downstairs to save his mother. Since then, the two of them had been at odds.

However, after Bill lost his memory, he didn't remember at all. Today, Scott told Bill everything in the past.

After hearing the truth, Bill fell into silen

y child. Even if I leave, I will leave happily. I just changed another way to wait for you."

The lower Scott's voice was, the less strength he had to speak.

"I can finally see your mother." At last, Scott held Bill's hand tightly and fell heavily.

"Dad!" Bill felt heartbroken. This was the second time he had lost his loved one.

Then, Scott closed his eyes forever.

It was drizzling outside. It was the rain that Scott hated most.

Wearing a black suit, Bill came to the cemetery with a black and white photo of Scott. Today was the funeral of Scott. Many relatives and friends came to see him off.

The atmosphere at the scene was very dull, and all of them were immersed in sadness.

"Brother, it's time to go back." Stephanie came to Bill and reminded him.

The relatives and friends who came to see Scott off had left. Bill stood there for a long time, unwilling to leave.

"You can go back first. I want to spend more time with him." Bill blamed himself for not having accompanied his father to finish the last step that day.

"If father is still alive, I believe he doesn't want to see you like this." Then Stephanie left.

Holding a black umbrella in front of the tombstone, Bill stared at the black and white photo on it and fell into infinite pain.

They had been well prepared for the departure of Scott, but when this day really came, Bill found that he could not feel relieved.

A living person would leave forever and never see him again.

Tears welled up in his eyes every time Bill thought of it. He talked to himself in a hoarse voice towards the tombstone.

"Dad, you have always been in a special position in my heart, but I have never told you. Now you can finally be with mommy forever. Maybe it's a relief for you."

Bill said, looking at his mother's tombstone.

Bill buried them in the same place, so that they could be together forever.

"Sorry, I'm late."

A woman's voice came from behind Bill. Bill turned his head suddenly and his hands trembled slightly when he saw her.

"You are not welcome here. Please leave now." Bill's voice was as cold as the rain.

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