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   Chapter 280 She Refused Him Decisively (Part Two)

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"Euralia didn't get along well with my father before. I don't know why she is so nice to our father this time. I've been wondering. To be honest, brother used to have a bad relationship with our father. "

Stephanie decided to tell him everything about their past relationship.

After hearing this, Bill thought of the two pictures. Thanks to the existence of the two pictures, he finally found out the reason.

He thought that Euralia had been hating Scott all the time. Since she had bluntly refused him this time, he had begun to doubt that it had something to do with the matter.

"I hope what you said is true, or I will let you know the consequences, Stephanie." After hearing the story, Bill felt sad.

If so, Euralia might still be mad at his dad for what happened in the past.

Of course, this was only his conjecture. He also hoped that Euralia was not that kind of person.

"Brother, don't you believe in your own sister?" What Stephanie said was true.

Without any response, Bill directly went upstairs and locked himself in the study.

Now he really needed to think about his future with Euralia.

Not until the afternoon, Bill received a call from the wedding dress company, who had already finished the design of the wedding dress and asked him to personally go to the company to check if it was satisfied.

But Bill delayed the schedule. He even felt that it was necessary for him to recover his lost memories before thinking about getting married.

Stephanie's words made him think a lot. He lost his memory about the accident he had with Euralia. Afterwards, Scott had a harmonious relationship with him.

All of this was closely

appy when Euralia was sad.

"Mommy is not sad at all. I haven't broken up with Bill. Because we've never been together. " Euralia still didn't admit her relationship with Bill in front of their kids.

"Why are you still reluctant to tell Tyron the truth?" Tyron's long eyelashes hung down. He hoped that his mommy could talk to him, and that he could become a man who could protect his mommy and Belle.

But Mommy lied to him about this, he was unhappy.

"I'm telling you the truth. The reason why Mommy moved to the Ou Mansion is that Bill has lost his memory. He lost his memory because he saved Mommy. I just wanted to return his favor. "

It was the first time that Euralia had ever explained her relationship with Bill to her son.

"Really? But I saw the news that you were together. " Tyron continued to ask.

"It seems that we are together, but in fact, we can't go back." Euralia sighed. That's what she really thought.

She felt that their relationship had faded gradually and that the hurt in the past as well as their distrust for each other could not bring them back to the beginning.

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