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   Chapter 202 Bill's Rage

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Bill chuckled to himself, but he was also suspicious.

It was not like her attitude at the dinner table. Why did she change completely as soon as she returned to her room?

"I'm hungry." Euralia repeated what she had said.

Bill went downstairs and brought her something to eat. Euralia couldn't eat anything since she had enough just now.

"Just put it there. I'll eat when I'm hungry." Seeing him being tormented by her, she felt happy.

He deserved it. He had teased her over and over again.

But at the same time, she felt a sense of happiness that she never felt before, as she could boss him around now.

For him, it was the happiest thing to take care of Euralia.

In the past five years, how much he hoped that she could appear in front of him, even if he had a row with her.

Now the person he had been looking forward to for five years was standing in front of him alive. For him, her appearance had been a surprise.

Bill put down the food and sat on the side of the bed, looking at her tenderly.

"Euralia, I hope that every day after will be like this, just as today." Said Bill.

Knowing that he might be going to express his love to her again, Euralia quickly changed the subject.

"There are mosquitoes." She waved her hand on purpose.

"No mosquitoes can be here. There is just a careless heart." Bill could feel that she was absent-minded.

Although he didn't know why she wanted him to stay with her, he didn't care about it.

"All right. Give me my phone and go to bed." She didn't want to pretend to be innocent any more.

The only thing she wanted now was to get her phone back.

"Your phone?" Not until now did Bill realize why she had suddenly changed.

It seemed that she was still trying to contact someone outside to take her away, or was there someone important in the phone that made her care so much?

He immediately took out the phone from his pocket and clicked on the screen.

"What do you want to do? Don't you know it's impolite to invade others' privacy?" She sat up on the bed.

They were so close to each other that they gazed into each other's eyes.

Euralia was trying to grab the phone, but Bill held it up high so that she couldn't touch it.

"Tell me, why do you care about your phone so much? Do you care about someone else?" He stood up immediately.

"No, I just want to play with my phone before going to bed." Looking at the phone within her sight, she immediately changed her tone.

Her ankle was injured. It was impossible to compete with him now.

She had a wise mind!

"Why?" Bill asked.

As a smart man, he believed every word of her so easily in front of her.

"Have you forgotten that you used to tell stories to me. I often listen to the radio at night."

To get her phone back, she had to tell a lie with these touching stories.

Only in this way could she prevent being seen through by him. In fact, she wanted to get her phone and delete the photos taken with her children.

"So you still

room step by step.

All she wanted to do was to wash off his scent!

Bill knew she must be angry, but he didn't think too much. In his eyes, she would be his woman from now on. Even if she got angry, she was just at odds with him.

Euralia went into the bathroom and locked the door immediately. She turned the shower nozzle to wash her dirty body.

With the help of the sound of the water, she could finally burst into tears. She rubbed the hickeys left by Bill desperately.

She had spent more than an hour in the bathroom.

After a long while, Bill couldn't resist the urge to knock at the door.

"Euralia, come out." Bill kept knocking on the door.

But there was no sound except the sound of flowing water. Feeling something wrong, he hurriedly pushed the bathroom door open.

What he saw was that Euralia was lying on the ground with no clothes on. There was a wound on her forehead.

He panicked and hurriedly took her back to her room. He immediately called the private doctor and invited him to the villa to check the wound for her.

"Euralia, you have to be safe." Bill, who stayed by her bed, murmured to himself.

But she still didn't wake up.

Half an hour later, the private doctor finally came to the villa to check on her health.

Euralia was lucky. It was just a minor wound.

Bill breathed a sigh of relief.

He didn't expect that she could not stand the hurt and tried to resist his possession in such a way.

Did she really hate him so much? Couldn't she feel his love?

"Euralia, do you really hate me so much?" Bill asked her, who still didn't wake up.

"Bill, let me go." She kept calling his name even in a nightmare.

Bill held her hands excitedly and hugged her tightly.

"I love you, so I won't hurt you. Don't be afraid." Looking at badly injured woman, he felt so heartbroken!

His hug woke her up. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she opened her eyes.

"It's all because of you. Everything is because of you!" She began to cry.

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