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   Chapter 200 Only The Two Of Us (Part One)

Interminable Love For You By White Characters: 5678

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Bill felt that it might not be just the idea of Scott.

When Euralia who was put in the spotlight, Stephanie got Euralia's role with the help of Scott.

That made Bill suspect Stephanie.

"Where are we going?" Euralia wanted to go back and look for her two babies.

What she had seen today made her miss them more. If she met some misfortune one day, what would the children do?

"The place you have been." Bill answered, leaving a suspense where they would go.

"No, I have to get off and go back now." At the thought of being alone with Bill, Euralia was scared.

"I can let you out, but there are people chasing after us. I believe that after you get off the car, you have already... "

Bill said seriously, no kidding.

He knew that Scott was the kind of person who would not give up until he got what he wanted.

After saying that, Euralia was lost in thought. Now she was no longer alone, and she had to live for her children.

"Well, I promise you that I will hide for a few days first." After deep consideration, Euralia agreed.

Bill took Euralia to the beach villa specially made for her, where she left without saying goodbye last time.

The picturesque scenery of the beach remained. The evening horizon was painted with colorful sunset glow.

At the sight of that, Euralia opened the door and got off the car. She was attracted by the beautiful scenery again.

Then the crunching sound came to her ears. She turned around and saw that Bill was secretly taking pictures of her back.

"What are you doing?" Euralia glanced at him and asked crossly.

"There's a beautiful view here. I can't help taking a picture of you and making it my phone wallpaper." Look

ell phone would be confiscated.

It took her more than half an hour to get to the top floor. She took out her phone and called her family immediately.

She called Moore first. Although the signal was good on the roof, there was no signal sometimes.

Finally, the phone was hung up and Euralia heard the hope.

However, no one answered the phone. She got anxious, but dared not hang up.

"What are you doing here?" Suddenly, Bill appeared.

Taken aback, Euralia dropped her phone.

Bill's eyes fell on the mobile phone. He walked over, picked up the phone and directly hung it up.

"What are you worried about? Are you worried that I will eat you up? " Then Bill put her phone into his pocket.

"Bill, give me back my phone." With her hands on the railing, Euralia couldn't walk easily, so she had to stand there and argued with him.

"You must take care of yourself here as I told you these days." Bill hoped to spend more time with her and nobody could bother them.

"Do you want to imprison me again?" Retorted Euralia.

"If you have to think so." He knew she had hurt her ankle and couldn't even run away.

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