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   Chapter 196 Dear Mother Comes Out (Part One)

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Belle, who was standing outside the security room, had completely forgotten their purpose of coming here this time.

Tyron went into the Ou Mansion alone.

This mansion was more charming than some upscale villas outside, and the pattern here was a bit old, but it was also unique.

At least, Tyron had never seen such a special building before. It should be unique in the city.

What made Tyron even more curious was why Mommy would come here? What does people here have to do with Mommy?

With these doubts in his mind, Tyron avoided the servant's gaze and went straight to the living room.

"They are so huge!" Tyron murmured as he walked around the living room.

What bothered him most was how to find out where Euralia was. There were several floors above the building.

If they locked her up, she must be in the highest floor.

Tyron speculated in his mind that Euralia might be locked up in a room on which floor. He wasn't sure whether she was under house arrest or not.

If he really couldn't find her, he had to leave first and go back to ask Uncle Moore for help.

Considering that Tyron went upstairs, and there were few servants in this house now, he must find his mommy as soon as possible.

Tyron climbed to the highest floor of the house and searched for them one by one from the top to the second floor.

He found that many rooms were locked. He not only looked for them, but also pricked up his ears to listen for a long time, but did not hear any sound in the rooms.

He had excluded the people upstairs and now only the second floor remained.

But he didn't think it was a good idea to confine her into the second floor because it was too close

iliar figure. Mommy was still so beautiful. But who on earth had locked up their mommy!

"Miss Euralia." Tyron shouted.

Hearing the voice of Tyron, Euralia turned back suddenly and was stunned at the moment she saw him.

Noticing her change of expression, Terri got confused.

"Miss, do you know each other?" Terri couldn't help but ask.

"No, I don't know him. But why is this child here? " Euralia explained in a hurry.

"I'm here to give you a surprise. Miss. Euralia, I have something to tell you in private," Tyron said deliberately, trying to let Terri leave.

"Well, I'll go out for a while. You say." Terri immediately went out and waited outside.

At once, Euralia lowered her voice, bent over and whispered in Tyron's ear.

"Why are you here? Don't you know it's dangerous here? "

She never dreamed that Tyron would come here. If Bill saw him, she would be so miserable.

"Come to save you. Who the hell kidnapped you?" Tyron tried to help her out.

"We'll talk about it later. Go to Uncle Moore and tell him I'm here, and ask him to help me out. You'd better get out of here right now. "

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