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   Chapter 194 Into The Bottom

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Euralia nodded. She already had a rough idea of what would happen next.

"Euralia, don't think too much. The misunderstanding will be cleared up one day." Moore comforted her.

"Moore, I hope that you won't get involved in this matter."

She was afraid that her brother would be implicated because of her. He had sacrificed too much for her over the years.

"Don't think too much. What you need to do now is to go home. I'll deal with the rest with Ann."

This time, Moore also realized that it might not be an accident.

He had to figure out the reason for it.

After sending Euralia home, they went to handle the things.

Tyron and Belle had been waiting at home. When they saw Euralia, Belle was still angry with her and ignored her.

Tyron learned from the Internet about the gossips between her and the director, but he believed that she must have been wronged.

He had been concerned about her since she came back.

"Mommy, give me your phone." Seeing that she was focusing on her phone all the time, Tyron guessed that she must be browsing the latest news.

He had seen the comments about his mommy on the Internet and found that many people were cursing her. He didn't want his mommy to see these bad comments, so he decided to cut off the network of her phone.

Euralia knew what Tyron did was for her good, so she gave the phone to him.

"Tyron, don't you blame mommy?" She thought of that she didn't admit they were her children in public this morning.

Even if they blamed her in their hearts, she also thought it was just her fault.

She didn't do what a mother should do.

"No. Mommy did it to support our family. We don't have a father, so mommy must be very tired to do that alone."

Tyron understood that it was not a big deal. He was just being childish sometimes and grumbled a little.

But in such an important occasion, he could still know what really mattered.

"Thank you for your understanding, but Belle really doesn't want to talk to me."

Euralia was in a bad mood because of the scandal. So after returning home, she tried to explain to Belle for a few times. However, Belle was unwilling to listen to her explanation.

Belle was still sulking in her room and wasn't willing to come out. Fearing that she couldn't control her emotions, Euralia gave up looking for her.

"I'll talk to Belle later. Don't worry, mommy. Have a good rest these days." Tyron comforted her.

He had seen that many people lost their lives because of cyber-bullying, so he could understand her pressure.

"Go upstairs and persuade her." Euralia was worried about Belle, so she asked Tyron to accompany her.

Tyron was quite obedient today. He went upstairs to find Belle right away.

Then, there was only Euralia in the living room.

At this moment, her phone rang.

It was a call from Ann, and after that, she looked even worse.

Her agent called her just now and said that the female lead of the movie might be changed, which meant that it would be difficult for her to quit the showbiz in advance.

On the phone, Ann also mentioned that the investor proposed to change the female lead with the director, which reminded Euralia of Bill.

He had forced her to do as he said the other day. She had doubted that it was becau

had nothing to do with love this time. The tearing pain stung her nerve.

After a while, Bill stood up and walked out, totally ignoring Euralia who got fainted.

Before he left, he locked the door. At that time, Euralia was locked in the room again.

When Euralia woke up, she found herself completely naked. She had suffered a loss in her career, and now she was forcibly occupied by Bill.

She instinctively curled up and covered her body with the quilt. But she still couldn't help sobbing.

She was downhearted and hated him even more.

She took a short rest and got dressed right away. Out of habit, she walked to the dresser. Then she noticed the cosmetics scattered all over the floor.

She picked them up and applied eye makeup.

No matter what happened, she would face everyone with the most beautiful look, which was caused by the shadow left in her heart five years ago.

She mistakenly thought that Bill disliked her face, which made her care about her appearance so much now.

After dressing up, Euralia walked to the door and was about to open it. Only then did she find that Bill had locked her up as before.

She felt completely out of control. She tried her best to pull the handle of the door.

"Bill, let me out!" Her voice was filled with sorrow.

It was still quiet outside. Without Bill's permission, nobody was allowed to get close to her room.

Although Terri heard that, she didn't dare to open the door. Because she knew that no matter how Bill treated Euralia, he would never do anything to hurt her.

Over the years, she had often seen that Bill came to Euralia's room alone at night and watched her photo in his hand for a long time.

She knew that he was still in love with Euralia. She just didn't know what had happened between them.

After a short while, Euralia stopped crying and looked for her cell phone in the room.

Since she woke up, her cell phone had disappeared strangely. She was not sure if it was taken away by Bill. But now, her only hope was to find her phone and ask her brother to save her.

Staying in the house for one more second almost made her feel suffocated, and the air seemed to become thin.

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