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   Chapter 185 Do You Hate Me So Much (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-03-26 00:36

"Euralia, I love you."

Startled, she turned her head slowly to look at him.

Not until then did she notice that there were several empty bottles on the ground. She let out a sigh of relief.

It turned out that he had been drunk!

But to her surprise, he just murmured her name when he was drunk.

Didn't he have a good relationship with Shirley?

"Don't leave me, Euralia!" Bill turned over again and murmured.

The wind was cool by the sea. The French windows in the living room were open.

Bill sneezed again. At the same time, Euralia walked to the windows and closed them involuntarily.

Although he treated her like that before, she couldn't help being nice to him.

She wanted to repay him for his grace of raising her for twelve years. She had hated him for a long time.

But after she grew up, she became indifferent to that and realized that she should not miss or hate a person if she really forgot him.

After the windows were closed, Bill was still sneezing. She went to him, picked up a blanket on the sofa and covered him.

"Take care of yourself. If possible, don't appear in my world again." However, she didn't dare to look at him.

As she was about to step forward, he suddenly grabbed her hand.

"Don't go!"

However, even though he was drunk, he was still thinking about her.

When his hand grabbed hers, she was stunned. At the moment when his warm hand touched her, she felt like there was an electric current passing through her palm.

She blushed instantly and shook off his hand.

In a moment, the blanket dropped onto the ground.

She had to pick up the b

door, Tyron had been restless for a long time.

While Moore was pacing back and forth.

He had already investigated and knew that Euralia was assaulted by a man. It was said that he was saved by another man.

As far as he knew, it was most likely that the man was Bill. And it was just because of this coincidence that he couldn't help but suspect Cynthia.

Therefore, he had made a call to her in the early morning and asked her to come to their home. This time he must make it clear!

As a matter of fact, Cynthia couldn't fall asleep over the night because of what happened to Euralia. In the early morning, she got a call from Moore and rushed to the villa.

On the phone, she asked Moore whether Euralia had come home, but he didn't answer her. He only ordered her to come to the house and then hung up.

She felt too anxious on the way, and she had never expected this to happen.

As soon as she arrived, she couldn't wait to ask about Euralia.

She could only see some resentment in Moore's cold eyes!

"Is Euralia back?" She looked around and asked.

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