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   Chapter 184 Do You Hate Me So Much (Part One)

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After saying that, Euralia picked up the drink on the table and took a big gulp. She was satisfied, and the next thing she needed to do was to find a way to escape from this hell.

She knew it would be impossible to ask Bill to let her leave.

So she had to stay here and see what surprise he would give her next.

"I have celebrated your birthday for twelve years, but I was not there for you in the past five years." Bill lifted the lid on the table as he spoke.

Under the cover was a delicate cake!

"Happy 25th birthday, Euralia." He sincerely wished her happiness.

In the past five years, he hadn't seen her, but every year when it came to her birthday, he would buy a cake to celebrate her birthday alone.

He almost gave up the idea of looking for her over the years, but he kept this longing in his heart till he found her now.

Euralia was surprised to hear that. She had never thought that he took her here only to make up for her birthday.

'Does he really love me that much? Then why did he treat me like that five years ago?'

She was uncertain and she could tell from his expression that he was not pretending.

"You are so thoughtful." She put on a smile. It seemed that she didn't care about that at all.

"Light up the candles." Sensing her displeasure, Bill changed the subject.

There was something that could not be explained clearly in a few words. He was not in a hurry to convince her at this moment.

"I want to go for a walk after I am full. I don't like cakes, especially your cakes."

After giving a glance at the cake, she stood up and walked out of the living

e years ago. She would never allow him to walk into her heart again.

Now she felt that it was enough to have the two kids. Love was so luxurious to her and she could no longer have the desire to pursue it.

The sky gradually lit up. Euralia took up the car key and opened the door quietly.

She was going to leave without saying goodbye!

But when she came to the living room, she saw that Bill was lying on the sofa and the light was still on.

At the sight of this, she hided at the stairway and observed carefully. She didn't know where he would take her to if he saw this.

She didn't want to waste too much time with him. Her phone was smashed by that wretched man before. And Bill took her here before she told her family she was safe.

She didn't want them to worry about her, so she must leave here as soon as possible.

Seeing that Bill was lying motionlessly on the sofa, she walked to the door carefully.

When she was about to open the door, she heard a loud noise behind her.

The bottle fell to the ground. Then there came the sound of Bill.

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