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   Chapter 183 You Owe Me A Favor

Interminable Love For You By White Characters: 10806

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"If you do what I tell you, I'll forgive you. But if you keep resisting, I can destroy your face at any time."

The man raised the acid bottle and shook it in front of Euralia.

Euralia covered her face with her hands. Five years ago, she had ruined her face and lost a lot of it. She was afraid of being disfigured again.

Now she liked being beautiful, but she couldn't exchange her body for that.

"I won't hold you accountable if you leave now. Otherwise, you won't be able to escape the law even if you ruin my face."

Euralia summoned up the courage to warn the man.

"Let me see how much courage you have. But let me have a good look at your beautiful face before I destroy it."

He used sulfuric acid in one hand and the other touched her face.

The man became angrier as Euralia turned away her face.

"If you keep doing this, I'll destroy your face! I'm the last man in the world to see your beautiful face. "

The man laughed insidiously.

"Fuck off!" She kicked between the man's legs.

Seeing the disgusting look of the man in front of her, her anger was more than panicked. It was not the time to flinch!

The man grabbed her raised leg with one hand. At the same time, she lost her balance. She had to hold the wall with all her strength.

What was more disgusting to her was that the man made a posture to touch her thigh. .

"Look at your snow-white leg! If there is a scar caused by sulfuric acid on it, will it look bad?"

The man was about to pour the sulfuric acid to her leg, but at this critical moment, the door was kicked open.

The man in front of her had fallen to the ground before she could react.

At the moment, the sulfuric acid in his hand was knocked over and poured on his face. The man screamed in pain.

"Euralia, I'm late," Bill stepped forward and held her in his arms.

Euralia didn't recover from the shock. The man in front of her was corroded by sulfuric acid, and she was terrified.

She didn't refuse Bill, but leaned tightly in his arms.

"Take me out of here, now!" Said Euralia in a trembling voice.

After calling the police, Bill picked up Euralia and walked out of the bathroom.

After Bill took Euralia back to the car, the frightened expression on her face slightly eased.

"Water? Are you feeling better?" Bill wiped her sweat as he handed her a glass of water.

After coming to herself, Euralia pushed his hand away. If she hadn't been frightened, she would never have shown such a fragile side in front of Bill.

Euralia had reminded herself over and over again that she must be strong no matter what happened.

She had been strong for so long, but she let Bill see her vulnerable side.

"Let me get off." Said Euralia coldly.

These days, when Bill didn't show up in her sight, she thought he should give up. She didn't expect that he would appear in the cinema.

But if he didn't show up in time, she would never imagine the consequences.

"No, you owe me a favor now. Don't you plan to pay it back?" Bill teased.

He knew that Euralia was still angry with him for what happened in the past, but he didn't care about it.

He had explained to her but she didn't believe him. He could do nothing but badger her.


Thinking of this, she immediately and carefully walked out of the room and went downstairs.

Euralia arrived at the villa soon, but nobody was there.

Although there was only one road, it stretched as far as the boundless sea.

At this time, it was also dark. When she thought of that wretched man, her desire to escape was not so strong.

What if there were bad guys on the way back? She had two kids to take care of.

"It's time for dinner, Euralia."

Bill had already known that she was going downstairs. He wouldn't have stopped her since he was certain that she wouldn't leave.

She was terrified by today's obscene man.

Euralia turned around and saw that Bill was sitting in the dining room by the French window.

"I won't be able to go back until I'm full." She was so angry. She had no choice but to go back to the villa.

Like a gentleman, Bill helped her pull out the chair.

She stared at the dishes on the table without blinking. It seemed that Bill had made progress in cooking as well.

But she would not praise him now.

"Yes, you can. I have a surprise for you." Bill kept her in suspense.

It tasted good. She had no expectation to know the answer, because after she had enough, she had decided to steal the car key and leave this place.

She enjoyed the food with great enjoyment.

Bill watched her eating all the time, with the corner of his mouth never closed.

He could tell that Euralia was quite satisfied with the dishes tonight!

"What are you looking at? Haven't you seen any beautiful lady for dinner? " After she was full, she wiped her mouth and burped now and then.

She was really unscrupulous in front of Bill.

In fact, even she herself did not feel that she could completely return to her true self in front of him.

"You are beautiful. But aren't you curious about the thing placed in the middle?" Asked Bill.

"Anyway, it is absolutely not a good thing!" Of course, Euralia was sure of that!

She noticed the food when she walked in, but she was too hungry to have any curiosity. After the meal, she only wanted to leave and had no curiosity about the things on the table.

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