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   Chapter 181 New Home

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"Didn't I just get up with you? I can't cook the noodles so quickly." Tyron was also surprised. This was the noodles he had always wanted to eat.

"Good morning, babies!" Euralia took out the last bowl of noodles from the kitchen and put it on the table.

"Mommy, did you do all these?" Tyron and Belle asked at the same time.

They couldn't believe their eyes, because in their memory, Euralia hadn't had the time to cook for them for a long time.

"I made it for you two. I'll try my best to make breakfast for you." Euralia answered with a smile.

"But are you working too hard?" Tyron said worriedly.

She stood them up countless times, but they could understand her. After all, their family were different from other families, in which only their mommy took care of them.

Since she was busy with her work, she couldn't spend too much time at home. That was one of the reasons why Tyron was so thoughtful.

He wanted to take the responsibility for his mommy earlier, which often moved her.

"I'm not tired. What I want most is to see you grow up healthily and happily. I can give up anything for you."

She walked over and held the two kids in her arms. Complicated emotions surged in her heart.

"Mommy, actually we can take care of ourselves." Belle, the least sensible girl at ordinary times, also uttered such words.

"Mommy is supposed to take care of you. Just enjoy your noodles." She put the chopsticks in order and sat beside the kids, watching them eating.

They ate up all the noodles that she had cooked.

Looking at this scene, Euralia was delighted. She hadn't been so proud for a long time.

The success at work would not bring her enough spiritual wealth. On the contrary, she would feel extremely happy when seeing her two children eating and playing happily.

Standing outside the dining room, Moore couldn't bear to break this warm moment. He left home with a smile when he saw her and the kids laughing happily.

When Moore went back to his home country, he still had to travel between A City and B City. He worked in B city, so he had to go back every day.

Euralia understood why her brother did that.

In the past few years, he had devoted all his time and energy to caring for them. He was not that young, but he hadn't found the one he loved.

Cynthia liked him very much and she was a perfect match for him.

But Euralia could not read her brother's mind at all. In the past, she thought her brother liked Cynthia. But she changed her mind after what happened yesterday.

As Cynthia's best friend, Euralia must stay with her when she needed her the most.

In the hospital, Cynthia was in low spirits, so she had to stop all the operations and ask for three days' leave.

As a doctor, she would never allow herself to make mistakes.

Unable to sleep early in the morning, she played with her phone idly in bed.

The first person she thought of when she was in a bad mood was Euralia. She just didn

e house, Euralia was very satisfied because it was totally safe. Those strangers were not allowed to get in, let alone the reporters.

She didn't have to worry about being found by Bill. And the identity of Tyron and Belle could be well concealed.

Moore knew that she had decided to keep the two children at her side and to avoid being discovered by Bill, so she moved out.

That was why he agreed to let her move out this time. He drove them to the temporary residence.

In fact, Euralia didn't tell Tyron and Belle that she agreed to let them stay with her because she wanted to give them a surprise.

After Tyron arrived at his new home, he couldn't help but ask her.

"Mommy, do you agree that we can stay here?"

It was difficult to give a surprise to a smart boy like him.

Although he knew her mommy was a famous star, he and Belle hadn't been exposed to the public.

And when they entered this community just now, the entrance of the gate was strictly guarded.

He had already guessed that the reason why they chose a gated residential community was that she agreed to let them stay.

"Yes, I will try my best to take you anywhere I go." Euralia declared the decision to them happily.

But they didn't look so happy, especially Tyron.

"Mommy, why do we live in a gated community?" Obviously, Tyron was not satisfied with the management here.

"You also know mommy's identity. It's not up to me. I hope you can understand." She knew clearly that these two kids had not been treated well these years.

Before she helped them find their father, they had to hide their identities.

This kind of feeling made Tyron think that they were shameful. A child without a father would only affect mommy's career.

Tyron knew that she always claimed to be single.

He understood her, but he had to mind it more or less. He also hoped that he could live as normal as other kids and could call her mommy aboveboard.

But it was so luxurious for them!

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