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   Chapter 179 Don't Take Me As A Sick Cat (Part One)

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However, when did Belle start to be so good at math?

"Did you make this statistics?" Euralia couldn't believe that.

"Yes, of course, I did it. Do you think that it is Tyron who made this statistics?"

Belle looked at Tyron with a panic expression in her eyes.

In fact, Euralia already guessed it was done by Tyron. The counting of Belle couldn't be so good.

"Belle, of course." Tyron continued to massage Euralia's shoulders.

"Do you really want to stay here with mommy?" As a matter of fact, Euralia was loath to part with them.

She had broken her promises again and again, and this time, she had to stay in A City for the film for a whole month.

This was indeed the best time for the three of them to be together, but the only thing that worried her was Bill.

She was worried that he might discover the existence of Tyron and Belle. If he found out what happened between them, their identities would be exposed soon.

This was the last thing she wanted to see.

"Is that okay? Mommy?" Belle widened her big eyes, full of expectation.

"No way!" Euralia made up her mind and killed the little expectation.

The two kids looked disappointed. They thought this would change their mommy's mind, but they didn't make it.

"It's late now. I'll take you to wash up and then go to work after you go to bed."

As for Euralia, she was shooting a night scene again, but she wanted to take care of the two children before she went out.

She took Belle to wash her little face and brush her teeth. After seeing Belle fall asleep, she walked out of her bedroom.

Although Tyron was only five years old, he was as independent as an adult now.

When Euralia walked out of Belle's room, she sa

"Director, I'm sorry. It's all my fault. As a result, Rose couldn't focus on sleeping because of her jet lag. She needs time to get used to the environment here."

Ann put on the excuse of dealing with jet lag again to help Euralia.

They had cooperated with each other for so many years. Euralia knew clearly that Ann had done everything for her good. She was grateful to her.

"Come with me, Rose." The director gave Ann a contemptuous look and led Euralia to a corner.

Ann didn't catch up with the director because she thought he was going to discuss with her about the acting.

The director finally stopped after he took Euralia to a quiet corner.

"Rose, do you know that? With your acting skill, you were not able to take the female lead. If it weren't for me, probably you wouldn't even be in a position to play the leading role."

The director turned around and stared at Euralia with a slight smile.

She was a little surprised and wondered why the director said that.

"I always feel that I am able to get this role by myself. Now that you are not so confident in my acting skill, why did you agree to choose me?"

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