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   Chapter 178 Give Me A Reason

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It was not like the way Moore treated Cynthia. Therefore, Tyron and Belle felt that Uncle Moore had changed a lot.

"Why did Uncle Moore drive sworn mother?" Belle was the first to speak for Cynthia.

Bowed her head, unable to say anything. Cynthia felt bad for being accused by her true love.

Seeing her sadness, Euralia held her hand and comforted her.

"Don't worry about what my brother said. He was just joking."

"Who told you I was joking?" The careful look on Moore's face when he said these words.

"Uncle Moore, is there any misunderstanding between you and sworn mother?" Tyron also asked.

"What misunderstanding between us?" Cynthia answered quickly. In fact, she was doing her best in front of Moore.

"Then it's your fault." In Euralia's impression, her brother was not punctilious.

Why did he pick on Cynthia? Recalling her birthday not long ago and leaving without saying goodbye, Euralia thought it might be her brother's attitude.

"Euralia, we all know that we can't judge a person from the appearance." There was a tang of bitterness in his tone, but Moore couldn't speak it out.

"I don't know why you have such prejudice against me recently. Have I offended you?" Cynthia felt aggrieved.

"If I don't like you, I will put on a long face. If you do, you can leave right away." Moore became meaner and meaner.

It sounds like he will force Cynthia to leave Ji Mansion. '.

The corners of her mouth twitched and Cynthia was about to cry.

Euralia couldn't bear her brother blaming Cynthia like this, for she knew her very well after getting along with her for five years.

She was absolutely not like the kind of cousin described by her brother who was inferior to her in looks.

"Moore, don't you think you are going a bit too far?" Said Euralia without hesitation.

She took a deep breath and continued.

"Don't you remember that Cynthia is our savior?"

"Don't mention our life saver. I hope you can break off all relations with her in the future." Seeing that Euralia was defending her like this, Moore felt more angry.

"No! Moore, you weren't like that before. Or are you really biased against Cynthia? "

Said Euralia angrily.

Cynthia didn't want to see them get into a fight because of her.

"Euralia, stop."

"No! I must say it! If it weren't for you, I don't know if I would still be here arguing with him. "

It was the first time that Euralia had got mad with Moore since they met.

Hearing her words, Tyron and Belle were stunned. Euralia only told them that Cynthia was the best friend of her.

But she didn't mention the fact that Cynthia once saved her, because she didn't want her children to know about her past.

Moore was so angry that he turned to leave. Seeing him leave angrily, Cynthia felt aggrieved but wanted to follow him.

However, she was stopped by Euralia.

"It's his fault this time, Cynthia. Don't explain it."

"But Euralia, I don't want you to be at odds with each other because of me!" Looking at the direction where Moore left, Cynthia frowned.

She really didn't understand why Moore's attitude towards her had changed so much. She liked him so much.

"It doesn't matter. I will figure it out. You must be very upset today. "


would be unimaginable

"Well, I will try not to say it in the future. But I hope you can remember what I said before.The heart of prevention is indispensable. "

Moore reminded her.

Euralia nodded and left. She saw some helplessness in her brother's eyes just now, as if he still had something to say.

However, she didn't want to discuss this thing about Cynthia. She didn't want to talk about Cynthia behind her close friend.

No one could change her mind even if Moore said so.

However, after this incident, Euralia really wanted to find back her lost childhood memories.

She wasn't sure whether her intuition was right or not. She sensed that her brother was hiding something from her.

As soon as Euralia downed stairs, Tyron and Belle immediately walked toward her.

They knew that Euralia was not in a good mood, so they took the opportunity to comfort her and please her.

Belle started to act coquettishly in a friendly way, and Tyron helped her massage her back.

"Mommy, how long are you going to work here?" Tyron was so honey lipped and knew how to give a massage.

While holding Belle in her arms, Euralia enjoyed the happiness given by the children and the comfort brought by Tyron's little soft hands.

"A month, I guess." Euralia half opened her eyes and squinted at Tyron.

The signature smile on Tyron's face looked exactly like his!

"Can we stay here for a month?" Tyron immediately spoke out their purpose of pleasing Euralia this time.

"No way!" Euralia opened her eyes and answered without hesitation.

"Mommy, I don't want to leave you at all. You haven't been with us for nearly one year."

Belle cared a lot about how Euralia had accompanied her. Though she was not good at math in the ordinary days, her performance was exceptionally good at this time, which made Euralia a little surprised.

"Please let us stay with you." Tyron begged with his eyes drooping and leaning on Euralia's shoulder.

"During the nearly one year, you haven't been at home for three hundred and fifteen days." Belle said in a tender voice.

Euralia was a little surprised as she hadn't been at home for such a long time?

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