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   Chapter 172 Love Was Dead

Interminable Love For You By White Characters: 10908

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"You can send me something. When do you become so sweet, Cynthia?"

According to her understanding of Cynthia, not to mention other things, Cynthia could not even handle her own life, and she liked to lose things.

'Tonight, Cynthia even prepared me a gift. Is it a meaningful night?'?

"Euralia, you are a forgetful man. I'm taking you to a place."

Although Cynthia was very forgetful, she remembered Euralia's birthday very clearly.

Then she took Euralia upstairs. On her way here, Moore had already sent her a message. On the top floor of the building, there was a big surprise for Euralia.

Now it was completely dark. The colorful lights on the roof were colorful.

"It's so beautiful." With her eyes wide open, Cynthia looked at the carefully decorated birthday party and exclaimed.

"I like it too. Moore decorated all these with the kids." Euralia smiled so happily that her eyes narrowed into slits.

"It's not only my arrangement with the children, but also his."

Moore pointed at Cale who was delivering the cake.

It was not until Euralia saw the cake that she remembered that today was her birthday.

But Cale was abroad now, wasn't he? What was going on?

"You all keep me in the dark," Euralia felt both surprised and delighted to have a group of friends and family.

"Happy birthday, Mommy!" Belle was dressed in a beautiful princess dress and ran around the swimming pool with a fluorescent club in her hand.

"Euralia, come here. Make a wish to cut the cake," Cale reminded her gently.

Euralia walked towards them and began to light up the candles. When she opened her eyes again, Tyron and Belle stood in front of the cake and sang the birthday song.

Then they gave the dress to Euralia which they had sneaked out to buy.

Euralia has received gifts every year since her children became sensible. It was the first time Euralia had received a dress from them. She was extremely happy.

Although they were just five years old, they were really sensible. Especially Tyron, he barely needed her to worry about.

"Mommy, in fact, we sneaked out to buy you gifts and surprise you. But brother didn't allow me to tell you. "

Belle explained.

Euralia, looking at Tyron sadly. He was really like him, not willing to explain many things.

"I love you, babies." Raising them up, Euralia was extremely excited.

"Mommy, Uncle Cale has something to tell you." With his tiny, clever eyes, Tyron looked towards Cale.

As far as he knew, Uncle Cale had already decided to propose love on mommy's birthday.

He had been waiting in the room for too long and he had overheard the conversation between Moore and Cale.

Obviously, Cale was very nervous. Although he had prepared for it, he was not ready to be rejected by Euralia.

"Are you going to make another proposal?" Euralia had been used to his confession of love for many times.

She even treated it as a joke and said it at will.

Cale was very embarrassed. He wanted to take out the gift and secretly put it back to his pocket.

This scene was seen by Tyron, who knew that Uncle Cale had always been concerned about Mommy these years. In his heart, Uncle Cale had the qualification to be their father.

He walked over and took out the gift

til noon that Euralia went upstairs to ask them to have lunch and then she sent them to the airport and went back to live abroad.

Belle rushed downstairs and was about to eat with a spoon in her hand.

"Where is Tyron?" Asked Euralia.

"Tyron might not wake up yet. Can we have dinner first, Mommy?" Belle kept licking her lips, and she was extremely hungry now.

"No, we can't have dinner until everyone is here." Euralia stood up and went to Tyron's room.

When she opened the door, she saw Tyron curling up on the bed and looking at her with his pitiful eyes.

"Mommy, I feel so bad."

Tyron covered his body with the quilt. At this moment, he was sweating, and his little fair face was red.

Euralia touched his forehead. It was burning hot.

"You have a fever. How could it be possible for you to get a fever all of a sudden?" She immediately got a towel to help him wipe the sweat off his forehead.

Tyron shook his head and pretended to pass out.

If he didn't close his eyes, he was afraid that Euralia would see that he was pretending to have a fever. After all, the mother and the son were linked in hearts. Euralia was a smart woman.

The kids had to stay at A City for a few more days because of Tyron's fever. She had to make sure that he would recover soon.

She stayed at her brother's villa these days and watched the scripts while taking care of Tyron.

As for the movie, there was a piece of news from Euralia's company. It happened that the largest investment company of the movie was also in A City.

The company arranged a meeting with the investor and passed the related information to her.

When the document was passed on to her email, she was shocked after checking it carefully.

The investor of this film turned out to be the Ou Group, which meant that she would meet with Bill!

She refused to meet him after knowing the profile of those investors, but the company forced her to finish her work. She also was required to meet the other party within three days after receiving the material.

Euralia grinned a bitter smile as she was having a hard time. She was thinking of the best way to deal with this matter.

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