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   Chapter 171 Birthday Presents

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"Auntie, you look so ugly." Belle said to Shirley with a disdainful look, pouting.

After all, it was her mom who told her that the heart of bad people was ugly. Because Shirley didn't let Bill drive her home.

Shirley gave Belle the first impression that she was ugly!

Shirley was embarrassed, but she did not want to argue with a child.

"Little girl, where is your mother?" Shirley forced a smile and asked.

"My mommy is much more beautiful than you. Uncle, can you take me back to look for my brother?" Belle didn't want to talk to her anymore.

Bill held her and walked across the street.

Looking at Bill's back, Shirley could not help but clench her teeth!

She devoted five years to her youth but failed to get any special treatment from Bill. He had a poker face in both work and life.

Is it because the little girl looks like Euralia that he has taken good care of her?

Thinking of the scene that she met with Euralia after she got drunk that night, Shirley was sure that it was her.

If Euralia went back to A City, it would be more difficult for her to get married to Bill.

Shirley decided to ask people to look for Euralia in this city again and she must stop her before she met with Bill.

Bill held Belle to the snack street.

"Uncle, my brother and I got lost here just now. I can wait for my brother here! " Belle rubbed against his chest and came down.

Bill knew what she meant and put her down.

Belle sat on a bench along the road, waggling her short legs to wait for her brother.

Sitting beside her, Bill had been gazing at her.

"Little girl, what's your mommy's name?" Bill wouldn't let go of any chance to find Euralia.

He couldn't help but ask. In his eyes, Belle looked the same as Euralia when she smiled and said.

"My mommy's name is Rose! The flower, Rose! " Belle answered, fixing her eyes on the food stall in front of her.

Bill was a little disappointed. He thought too much!

"It seems that I have thought too much." He murmured to himself.

"Uncle, look at those snacks over there. They look really delicious."

Belle's little hands suddenly encircled Bill's arms and kept shaking.

Her mouth was watering and her eyes were full of food.

Bill immediately got up to buy some snacks and walked up to her.

"Here you are."

Belle was happy. When she was about to reach out her hand. All of a sudden, a childish voice sounded.

"Belle, mommy told us not to eat things from strangers. Have you forgotten?"

Tyron was out of breath when he saw the scene. He glanced at Bill vigilantly and immediately went up to take Belle's hand.

Bill's eyes slowly fell on the small man, who also looked a bit like Euralia. But there was a sense of familiarity in his eyes.

"Brother, you're back." Belle put all her attention on Tyron.

She was afraid that she lost for the first time!

"Okay, let's go home. Otherwise Mommy will worry again! " At the same time, Tyron turned to Bill.

"Thank you, uncle. I am going home with my brother! " Belle thanked politely.

"Let's go home. We're running out of time." Tyron was in a hurry to drag Belle away, ignoring Bill.

Tyron and Belle had already taken a taxi and left before Bill could say anything.

In the car, B

's house, she caught sight of Moore sitting on the couch in the living room.

They hadn't seen each other for a long time and she was looking forward to it.

"It's been a long time, Moore." She immediately sat beside him and began to chat with him.

It had been five years since she fell in love with Moore.

She had fallen into an abyss of love the first time she saw him after saving Euralia and getting in contact with Moore.

During the past five years, many times Cynthia had hinted at Moore, but Moore had rejected her.

Cynthia had been waiting for Moore for five years. Euralia had also tried to persuade Moore, but failed.

Euralia knew that love cannot be forced, so she didn't persuade them to let nature take its course.

"Long time no see." As soon as she sat down, Moore got up and went upstairs. He didn't want to talk to Cynthia anymore.

At this moment, Euralia just sent Tyron back to his room to punish. When she saw this scene at the stairs, she knew that Cynthia must be very sad.

She hurried down and comforted her.

"Cynthia, you have been waiting for five years. If you can't do it, you should transfer the target." There was nothing she could do.

She was not young now. She didn't want Cynthia to waste too much time on her brother.

"I can tell that Moore likes me. But I don't know why he keeps avoiding me." It was a woman's intuition who had loved him for five years.

She could tell that a man liked her.

"Hiding from you? But brother no reason to avoid you. " Euralia was telling the truth.

Therefore, she hoped Cynthia could find another man and live a happy life.

"There must be a reason. I must figure it out tonight." Not willing to give up.

"Okay, but you have to be prepared. He is an honest man! " Said Euralia.

Nodding her head, Cynthia took out a delicate box from her bag and handed it to Euralia.

"Let's get down to business. Come and see if you like it."

Euralia was confused and wanted to know why Cynthia brought her a gift when she took part in the party.

Although she had received a lot of gifts from Cynthia over the years, she was surprised to receive one at this time.

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