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   Chapter 170 Be Lost

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"This time I will teach you, especially Tyron." The more Euralia thought about it, the angrier she became. She blamed herself for conniving them so much.

"Mommy, we are actually..." Belle wanted to tell the reason why they were here, but Tyron interrupted her.

"You can punish me, but not my sister." Tyron signaled Belle to stop her.

Belle put on an aggrieved look. Tomorrow was supposed to be the birthday of Euralia. Their tolerance today was actually a surprise for her.

Tyron knew that his mommy was a forgetful person. Every year, if not for someone's reminder, his mommy would forget about the issue of birthday.

This time, Euralia slapped Tyron's hand with her own hand without mercy.

The force of the slap was mutual. When she slapped Tyron, her palm also hurt.

It was the first time she slapped him in five years, and she was so forceful that Tyron's hand became red.

"Mommy, don't punish Tyron, okay?" Belle cried out when she saw Tyron was beaten.

She was terrified as Euralia lost her temper.

"Belle, I'm fine. I agree with our mother's education. Our running away not only worried Uncle Moore, but also worried mom. "

Tyron understood a lot about Euralia's education.

"It's good that you know you are wrong. Don't do that again. I'll book a flight ticket and send you back now. "

The last thing Euralia wanted was that her two kids would appear in A City because of Bill.

If Bill knew the baby was his, she was afraid he would take them away.

"Mommy will send us back tomorrow, okay?" Tyron pleaded.

"Let us stay with you tonight. I miss mommy so much. You said you would take us out last time, but you lied to us again. "

Belle remembered every promise Euralia made and kept it in mind.

"No, you must leave now." Euralia didn't want them to stay any longer.

"We are not going back." Belle jumped down from the sofa, hugged her legs and cried with a runny nose and a tearful face.

"Mommy, we miss you so much. Don't you miss us?" Tyron praised Belle for her crying. They had discussed this on their way here.

They knew Euralia well and they knew they would be scolded if they left secretly.

Euralia softened her heart.

"Of course I miss you, It's just that you shouldn't come here in this way, you know?"

Holding Belle in her arms, Euralia wiped away her tears with concern.

"Mommy, are you still angry? Tyron and I missed you so much that we came here without letting you know, " Belle was still sobbing.

"All right. That's the punishment. But you can't do it again. "

Euralia didn't further pursue the matter.

"Great! Mommy, you love us the most!" Belle gave her a big kiss on her face.

Then she made a victory expression at Tyron. The corners of Tyron's mouth raised and he gave Belle a thumbs up.

Belle said in a proud tone!

Euralia didn't notice their interactions. At night, after washing them, she began to tell them stories to sleep.

The two kids fell asleep soon. Seeing them sleeping soundly, Euralia was greatly relieved.

It's changing all the time. They were forbidden to enter the city. She didn't expect that they would come to find her secretly.

However, Moore learned that Tyron and Belle had come back to A City, so he took the plane overnight to return to A City.

The reason he came here, of course, w

resounded in her ears.

Belle was standing at the crossroad outside the building of the Ou Group.

Bill was attracted by the crowd when he came to work. Now he paid special attention to the surroundings every day when he went out.

He was expecting to see the familiar face among so many people.

The little pretty face of Belle looked very similar to that of Euralia when she was a child, so she attracted Bill's attention.

"I'm looking for my brother. He's gone." Belle repeated what she just said.

"Do you need my help to send you back?" The first time Bill saw this child, he had an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

Shirley who was working with him was surprised. It was the first time she had seen Bill talk so gently in the past five years.

Belle looked up, with expectation in her eyes.

"Uncle, can you help me?"

"Sure." Then, he held Belle in his arms and wiped away her tears with his hands.

Belle had never felt a father's love, but her attention was melt by Bill's gentleness.

Yes, that was the long-awaited love from her father.

"Brother and I went out to buy something together, but he caught the thief and took me away before I followed him,"

Belle was about to cry.

"Where were you before? I'll take you there now. " Bill replied.

"Bill, there is an important meeting later." Shirley reminded.

Shirley also found that the little girl looked a bit like Euralia, but she didn't think much about it because there were so many people who looked similar in the world.

It was just not so comfortable to see Bill being so gentle to a little girl whom he had never seen before but being so cold to herself.

"I've put off the meeting for an hour. Go inform them now." Bill replied coldly.

"At a snack street. I remember it's over there." Belle said and pointed at the snack street across the street.

Then she turned her head and glanced at Shirley. Although Belle was not smart enough, it was clear that Shirley didn't want Bill to send her back to her brother.

Shirley's eyes met Belle's. at that moment, she seemed to see Euralia's eyes. She couldn't help but shudder in her heart. They really looked alike! And the look in their eyes was the same!

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