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   Chapter 169 Secret Uncovered

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At a loss, Euralia didn't want to look back.

At the moment, a nurse walked towards Euralia with a cart full of medicines.

"Excuse me, please." The nurse shouted while pushing the wheelchair.

Bill was standing in the middle of the road with Euralia. Euralia changed voice deliberately.

"Sir, you got the wrong person. Please let me go."

Hearing the strange voice, Bill loosened his grip on her.

His hand slipped from her shoulder as Euralia was shaking. Euralia passed by the corridor and let the nurse pass.

Still, Bill's eyes were fixed on the back and watched her turn left at the end of the road.

He happened to see her side face and saw that there was no scars on her face with heavy makeup.

Bill left disappointedly, thinking that he had misjudged her.

In the morning, Euralia didn't remove her makeup when she went to shoot the advertisement. Instead, she came to the hospital to meet Cynthia. In fact, she preferred her face naturally.

After successfully escaping from Bill's attack, Euralia came to the gate of the hospital and saw that Cynthia was already pacing back and forth outside the door.

"Did you wait long?" Euralia walked out and asked.

"Euralia, I thought you were surrounded by your fans again. It took so long to get out for you.I'm starving to death. "

Said Cynthia, putting her hand on Euralia's shoulder.

"Let's go now. I have reserved a nice restaurant,"

Cynthia couldn't wait to take her to the car. They were heading to the restaurant.

The restaurant Euralia booked was one she used to come to when she was in A city

The layout of this restaurant had changed a lot in five years. But the food here was kind of special.

"Did you often come here for dinner before? It's delicious. " Cynthia ate with a gusto.

Euralia nodded as she was in a bad mood.

Thinking back to the time she was almost recognized by Bill in the hospital, her heart was still beating faster.

"Euralia, you have been absent-minded since you saw me. Did you meet someone you shouldn't have met? "

Cynthia was surprised to see Euralia in A City. Actually, Cynthia knew a lot about her past.

The man she loved and hated was living here.

Euralia didn't say anything.

"I can tell that you are in a bad mood." She saw her lose her appetite. So, Cynthia put down the chopsticks.

"I met him in the hospital just now." Euralia didn't hide anything from her.

"What? What happened next? " Cynthia stood up excitedly.

She knew about the past of Euralia and Bill. The man who forcibly occupied her and then disdained her appearance and forced her to abort their children.

Such a man was worse than a beast in front of Cynthia. Therefore, she was very excited when she heard his name.

How she wished she could slap him in the face for Euralia!

As a well-known doctor, Cynthia was always meticulous with her work. But she was totally different from who she was at work.

She was a straightforward and careless woman.

"He didn't recognize me then." Euralia replied.

"What? He can't recognize you! This was going too far? You have lived together for twelve years, but he can't recognize you now! "

Cynthia was filled with rage.

"It doesn't matter. We are strangers. We have a new life each other. We wo

away easily because her IQ was really touching.

She thought the person who gave her food was good.

Tyron took out a piece of cotton candy and put it into her mouth.

"Well, be good and listen to me all the way. There's plenty of food here."

Said tyron, patting the small bag on his back.

Belle giggled, full of expectations in her eyes.

"Tyron is the best,"

Tyron and Belle took a taxi and soon arrived at the airport. There were too many people in the airport, and Tyron had to hold Belle's hands.

It was also the first time for Tyron to go out alone, so he had to ask the staff of the airport for a lot of things.

"Auntie, where is the plane?" Tyron's childish voice asked.

The counter was so high that no one could see people but hearing the voice.

"Who is talking?" The waiter looked around curiously.

Tyron put down his luggage and stepped on it.

"Auntie, it's me. Please..."

At last, the two children successfully boarded the plane to A City with the help of a waiter.

At the hotel, Euralia began to read the scripts passed from the company. She had to understand the content first.

Until the afternoon, the doorbell rang.

Euralia stood up and opened the door. Seeing that, Tyron and Belle were surprised to her. At the same time, she were also frightened.

She couldn't imagine what would happen to the two kids if they met some bad guys on their way here?

However, Euralia didn't say anything about their affections. She just took them into a room to feed them. Then, she began to educate them.

"Tyron, Belle, put out your hands." Euralia said seriously.

"Mommy, it has nothing to do with Belle." Tyron did things one by one. He didn't want Belle to be punished as well.

"Why did you come to Mommy secretly? Where will I go to find you if you meet bad guys on the way? "

Now they were her only spiritual pillar. She couldn't imagine what it would be like if she lost them.

Today's strict discipline on them was for the sake of future, and she couldn't lose any of them.

"Sorry, Mommy." Tyron lowered his head and apologized in a low voice.

Belle looked at Euralia innocently. Her pitiful look was pitiful.

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