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   Chapter 168 Pass her by

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Shirley had been waiting for five years to hear from Bill that she was his fiancee. She confessed her love for him tonight, but he didn't say anything.

She couldn't bear that. She came to the bar alone, got drunk and called Bill.

In the past five years, she had devoted herself wholeheartedly to help with his career, which was witnessed by him.

But the fact that he didn't like her couldn't be changed.

"Bill, why do you treat me like this? Can't you feel how much I love you?"

On the way back, she kept retching, muttering and was unwilling to stand up or leave with him.

"Shirley, you are drunk." There was no expression on his face.

The facial outline of him became more chiseled than it was five years ago. His features were very delicate and there was a bit more masculinity.

"I'm not drunk. What did I do wrong?"

For countless times, she was hurt by his indifference, but every time she thought of Euralia, she became more confident.

She was not reconciled to the current relationship at all since she felt herself much better than Euralia. She didn't believe that her beauty was not able to attract Bill.

"You are good in everything, but I don't like you." Bill answered directly.

Although Shirley was drunk, she still understood what he meant.

She didn't feel embarrassed in front of him when she was drunk, and she immediately sat on the ground, not leaving with him.

"Get up. I'll drive you home." Bill said while lowering his head and looking at her, who was sitting on the ground.

"No, I won't go." She showed her temper.

Bill took out his phone and dialed a number. After taking a glance at her, he got on the car and drove away.

Shirley sat on the side of the road and cried, but Bill left without looking back.

After he left, Euralia appeared in front of her.

Euralia didn't notice Shirley until she was close to her. Her attention was finnally attracted by her talking nonsense.

It was not until Euralia calmed down a little bit and took a look again that she found it was really Shirley. When she got there, Shirley kept talking nonsense and muttering the name of Bill.

"Bill, where have you been?" Shirley repeated the sentence.

Euralia looked at her with confusion.

She had thought that Bill and Shirley loved each other very much, or that they had already married. But now it seemed that it was not the truth.

At this time, Shirley's attention was focused on Euralia. She rubbed her eyes, as she thought she had a visual hallucination.

"You, you are Euralia!" Although she was drunk, she could still recognize her.

Euralia didn't want them to know that she was back, so she turned around and left as soon as Shirley saw her.

Shirley wanted to get up and go after her, but she couldn't.

"Euralia, come back!" Shirley kept yelling at her.

However, Euralia didn't stop but picked up her pace.

When she disappeared at the corner of the street, Bill stopped the car by the side of the road.

He didn't want to leave Shirley alone. After all, she had been trying her best to help him in the past few years.

Although he didn't like her, he wouldn't throw her on the roadside.

Bill got off the car and walked over. He heard Shirley

ded her several times that she came back to her senses.

"Okay." Euralia replied and got off the car.

She had thought that she would never return to A City in her life, but she still came back. She had never expected that she would come back to the same hospital. She walked in with heavy steps.

If she had known about Cynthia's business trip to this hospital, she wouldn't have agreed to come here and pick her up.

She came to the same ward. Her eyes were red as she had looked outside for a long time.

At that moment, Cynthia called and asked her to wait at the gate of the hospital.

Euralia rubbed her red eyes and walked towards the gate.

"Are you Euralia?" A familiar voice came from behind.

After a short pause, Euralia was a little trembling.

She recognized it was Bill's voice. She didn't look back. She didn't want them to meet again here.

She quickened her pace and headed to the gate of the hospital.

Bill came here from time to time every month. He hoped that Euralia would show up one day.

To his surprise, the person he saw today looked very similar to her.

Seeing her quicken her pace, he followed.

The woman walking in front of him had a similar figure to Euralia's, but he wasn't sure whether it was her or not.

Last night, he saw a similar woman with the same figure but a different face.

Hearing that Bill was quickening his pace beside her, she rushed to the door.

She didn't want to see him again!

But to her surprise, Bill suddenly appeared behind her, and he reached out and pressed her shoulder.

"Euralia, it's you, right?"

With a touch of her familiar shoulder, he was more sure of her identity.

Euralia was at a loss. She had never thought that they would meet again in such a way after separating for so many years.

She was still unwilling to admit it. She shook her head desperately and tried to push his hand away.

But he didn't let go of her. He didn't want to miss her again. He wanted to explain to her the misunderstanding in the past, hoping they could be together like before.

"I know it's you. It must be you!" Bill was getting more and more agitated.

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