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   Chapter 167 The Sad Place

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"I believe that it will surprise you."

Moore gave a mysterious smile. He hoped that Cale would take this opportunity and successfully be with Euralia.

"Surprise? It's better not to be a scare." It was true that Moore cared about her, but she showed little interest in this trip.

"I believe it will be a surprise for you as well. As for Tyron and Belle, I will take care of them in the next few days. You can go to relax for a few days."

He had made a good plan and had even arranged everything for Cale to win her heart.

"Okay, I'll be there for three days, and I'll stay with them the rest of the time." It had been a long time since she went out to take a walk.

She used to bring her two babies with her every time she went on a trip except this time.

"I'll pick them up from school from tonight. You can set your mind at rest and get ready." As long as Moore had time, he would help Euralia take care of them.

For him, it was a very happy thing to accompany the two children, and he never thought it was a burden.

With Moore's care, Euralia was also relieved.

Later, she had to prepare everything for her travel while Moore went to pick up the two kids from school.

In the evening, Euralia went to the airport with her luggage.

She was going on a spontaneous trip. This time she decided to leave all the unhappy things behind.

At the moment, she arrived at the airport. She dragged her luggage to the check-in counter.

"Euralia, wait for me." Holding his suitcase, Cale appeared in front of her.

"Why are you here, Cale?" She didn't expect to meet him here.

"I'm the surprise your brother told you."

"You? A surprise?" Pointing at him, Euralia didn't show any surprise on her face.

"Well, I will accompany you on this trip. I hope you can change your attitude towards me after this trip. I'll try to be the kind of person you like."

Cale still didn't want to give up. He hoped that she could change her mind.

"Let's go!"

Euralia didn't refuse. She had always regarded him as her best friend, and it was a good thing to have him on a trip.

Cale was very happy and took the luggage from her hand directly.

"Cale, I don't think we ever went out together." Said Euralia, looking at him.

"Yes. Are you looking forward to it?"

"No, I'm not expecting that. From the bottom of my heart, I really hope that you won't be sad. There are certain things that can not be changed overnight."

Euralia was frank to Cale. She refused because she didn't want to deceive him.

She wouldn't force herself to accept anyone. If she didn't like someone, she would refuse.

"I'm used to it. Go there now. Our flight is arriving."

Cale was already used to those words of Euralia. After all, they had been friends for so many years and she had already said everything.

In front of him, she could totally be herself instead of hiding her true ideas.

If Euralia hadn't met Bill, perhaps she would choose to be with him.

But all this was only the assumption. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't forget the past.

Following behind him, she saw him carrying a lot of bags, and she was really touched.

But being moved was not love, she was clear about that.

It was about half an hour before they board

le said, pursing her lips. She was very fond of being spoiled since her childhood.

"You traitor!" Tyron said mercilessly.

"I'm not a traitor. Is it wrong that I want a daddy?" Belle pouted her lips and refuted Tyron with anger.

"Both of you didn't do anything wrong. Come on, let's go to have dinner." The dispute between brother and sister was interrupted by Moore.

He knew their character very well in the past five years, so it was a piece of cake for him to take care of them.

But if it was someone else, it would be very difficult.

They got up obediently and followed Moore to the dining room.

Belle stood with arms akimbo, angrily following behind Tyron and keeping murmuring about what just happened.

Tyron knew that she was angry, so he deliberately stopped. Without looking at the road, Belle did not have time to stop and bumped into him.

"You little foodie! Why did you bump into me?" With arms akimbo, Tyron deliberately questioned Belle.

"You are a foodie! Uncle Moore, he scolds me!" Belle complained immediately.

"You little foodie! You little foodie!" Tyron said while running to the living room. Hungry!

Belle was chasing him. Looking at the two cute kids, Moore smiled.

Euralia missed her two kids too much, so she called Moore to tell him about the temporary change of the schedule.

Knowing that she was in A City now, Moore immediately became worried.

Both him and Cale knew that Bill had been looking for her in the past five years, but they did not tell her about it.

She returned to A City now, which made him very worried. If Bill found her, it would only cause her trouble.

Moore had tried many times to persuade her to leave A City and come back, but she refused. She promised to do what the company told her.

After hanging up the phone, Euralia stared at the city in a daze again.

"Five years have passed. You already married her, right?"

She suddenly wanted to go out and have a look at this long lost city.

She got dressed immediately and walked out of the hotel.

However, in a corner of the city, Bill and Shirley were walking out of a bar. Shirley was already drunk. He was holding her.

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