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   Chapter 166 Superstars (Part Two)

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He and Moore didn't want Euralia and Bill to get together.

"Who told you I didn't give up?" Euralia was no longer calm, and she refuted Cale with a little anger.

"Then why are you so excited now?"

Hearing this, Euralia was speechless. Her mood suddenly became very bad, and she didn't say a word on the way.

When they arrived at the villa's door, Euralia didn't say anything to Cale after she got off the car. She didn't even invite him to come in.

Meanwhile, in a low mood, Cale left for a cafe to have a chat with Moore.

Cale told Moore what had happened between them today. In fact, Moore could understand why Cale was so angry.

In fact, in the heart of Moore, Cale was his ideal brother-in-law. However, Euralia had always rejected his proposal. She couldn't get rid of Bill.

"Cale, you know what happened between Euralia and Bill. Don't mention him in front of her."

"But when can she let go of that person like this?" Cale was unwilling to lose to Bill.

"Don't worry. I will arrange an opportunity for you." Moore had already made a plan.

As a brother, he didn't want Euralia to work so hard as a mother and a father, and he saw Cale's love for her.

He sincerely hoped that they could be together.

Cale nodded. It was the fifth time that he failed to express his love. Although he was not reconciled, he was a little discouraged.

His confidence was boosted by what Moore said.

Because of the mentioning of Bill today, Euralia took out a glass of wine from her house and drank it alone.

Recently, almost everyone around her mentioned Bill, which always reminded her of the past in her heart.

The past


"But everyone can see that he loves you very much. If you let him go, maybe you will really disappear." It was rare for him to talk so much sense into Euralia.

Moore was trying to persuade her with the view of his elders. Seeing him being so serious, Euralia felt a little uncomfortable.

"I know. Can you drink with me? We haven't chatted with each other for a long time. "

"Then promise me to find some time to go to this place." Moore took out a book from his pocket and planned a travel for Euralia with Cale.

Euralia took over the travel plan and browsed it.

"Tyron and Belle don't have time. Let's wait for the summer vacation."

"Not them. I'm taking care of the kids with us this time. It's the best time you forget the past. Promise me that you will go, so that I can see a totally different you. "

Moore didn't tell Euralia that he had arranged Cale to accompany with her on the trip.

"I will go." Euralia agreed without hesitation. She was determined to forget everything.

Of course, she didn't want to disappoint Moore, who had carefully prepared for her.

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