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   Chapter 165 Superstars (Part One)

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"That only means Mommy is too popular, so they have tried their best to follow you." Tyron said.

"Our mommy is a big star!" Belle kept licking the lollipop.

"Okay, you should go inside now. Or you'll be late for class. " Euralia saw them off at the door of the classroom.

Tyron held Belle's hand and walked into the classroom obediently.

After watching their figures disappear in her sight, Euralia turned around and left the school. As soon as she walked out of the school, she put on a mask.

She was glad that the passers-by hadn't recognized her.

She came to the door of the car and took out the key. When she was about to press the key, she heard a noise behind her.

"Isn't that Rose?" There were a lot of Chinese saying with Chinese was pointing at Euralia.

She instinctively looked back, and saw a group of Chinese bullies and their overseas friends walking towards her. Just then, she opened the car door.

But a Chinese fans stopped her.

"Can I have your signature, Rose?" The fans asked politely.

Euralia couldn't refuse her so she had to sign for her.

Before long, her fans gathered around her. Although Euralia was helpless, she still patiently signed for them.

It had been a long time Euralia lost self-confidence since Euralia left Bill. Fortunately, during the time when she had been in a tough time, Moore and Cale always stayed by her side and encouraged her.

With their help, Euralia successfully got her old looks back.

With the introduction of Cale, she had been able to make herself the most popular star, partly because of Moore's company.

After Euralia left, Bill couldn't get in touch with Moore, and also used the Ou Group to pressure hi

've gotten used to your confession of love every year. There's nothing to be angry about." She looked out of the window casually.

All she wanted now was to raise the two children. As for their love, she had no intention of finding a stepfather for them.

"Because of him! Because I mentioned him!"

"Him? Who is he? " Euralia pretended to forget that. She had never mentioned Bill to anyone in the past five years.


Cale added in a more serious tone. He had been working hard for five whole years, but in the end, he still not as good as the man who had made Euralia cover with wounds all over her body.

The word was familiar to Euralia, but sounded strange to her. She hadn't heard anyone mention this name in front of her for five years.

"You still can't forget him. He hurt you that much. Don't you give up?"

Cale was angry every time he talked about Bill. Bill didn't deserve her love.

In fact, he had also heard about what had happened to Bill in the past five years, his fiancée, Shirley.

Bill had been sending people to look for Euralia too these years, but Cale had messed it up deliberately.

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