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   Chapter 164 Two Love Kids

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"Mommy, you promised to take us out this weekend. We can't break our promise." Belle said unhappily.

"This time Mommy will keep my word." With these words, Euralia reached out her little finger, squatted down and hooked Belle's finger up. Belle then put on a smile.

Because of work, Euralia often went out to work. When she was not at home, Tyron always took good care of Belle.

Although Tyron was young, he knew as much things as adults. After all, he has inherited the high IQ from Bill.

"Perfunctory to children again." Tyron muttered to himself. He was used to Euralia's perfunctory manner.

"Tyron, what are you talking about?" Euralia couldn't hear what he was whispering, but she also knew what he wanted to say. If Belle heard what he said, she would kick up a row.

"I'm saying that the breakfast made by my mommy is very nutritious. The carrot weighs 0.6 grams, 0.3 grams. Candy..."

When Tyron was about to continue, Euralia interrupted him.

"Tyron, hurry up and eat. You can just say it at home. Don't spread it out. Remember, you should be a five-year-old kid now. "

Euralia didn't want others to know that Tyron had a high IQ. She just hoped that the three of them could live a peaceful and happy life. As for her present job, she would not have come to this position if it was not for her last choice.

"Okay, Mommy. You don't have to worry about me. You should worry about my sister first. " Said Tyron, pointing at Belle. Belle was such a foodie that her face was full of food.

Belle's mouth was stuffed with food when she saw them looking at her.

She raised her head, chewed and asked, "Why are you looking at me?"

"Look at you, your mouth is full of food." Euralia looked at Belle dotingly and took out a tissue to wipe the stains on her shoes.

One was cute and the other was cute and obedient. Seeing this scene, Euralia was satisfied.

"I'm full now." Belle finished her last bit of breakfast in her bowl with satisfaction and jumped off her chair. She went to stand beside Euralia and held her hand.

"Mommy, if you are full, let's go upstairs and get changed," She looked at Euralia with her big watery eyes and held her small hand.

"Belle, you know mommy so well." Euralia immediately picked up Belle and walked towards the cloakroom.

On the other hand, Tyron shook his head at them.

"You are beautiful enough. My two beauties."

After Euralia left five years ago, she tried to remove the scars on her face. Her efforts paid off, and she finally found a doctor to erase the scars on her face.

"Mommy, you are so beautiful." Belle looked at her reflection in the mirror and gently touched her flawless skin.

Every time she touched the half face, she would think of Bill. Because she mistakenly thought that the reason why Bill stayed with Shirley was that Bill disliked her appearance.

In the past five years, Euralia had paid great attention to her appearance. It had been five years, but time hadn't left any trace on her face.

She had very good skin care, white and tender, which was in sharp contrast to Belle's beauty who was only five years old.

"Really?" The light in her eyes dimmed.

Five years had passed, but she still couldn't let it go.

"You are the most be

Belle sat on the back seat, he did not see the speed watch in the car. But he didn't expect that he would be able to tell Euralia the truth in such a short time.

"How do you know I am driving at this speed? Tyron, I still don't know which aspect you have. "

Euralia surprised, however, she always pay all her attention to the minibus in front of her from the rear view mirror.

Tyron soon noticed her eyes. He looked in the rear view mirror and found the minibus that had been following them.

"Mommy, the car seems to be following us for a long time." Tyron climbed into the seat and looked at the minibus behind.

He could vaguely see a few people in the minibus behind them. But what did these people have to do with his mommy? Why did they follow them?

He hadn't got the chance to ask her yet when Euralia called him.

"Tyron, Belle, hold on quickly. Mommy is going to speed up."

As soon as she finished her words, she stepped on the gas and the car galloped all the way to their school.

The lollipop in Belle's hand was suddenly pushed and dropped on the car by Euralia. She looked at the lollipop in the car and curled her lips.

"Hey, my lollipop."

"Here you are. Don't cry. There are bad guys following us." Tyron took out a lollipop from his schoolbag and gave it to Belle.

Belle took the lollipop and continued to eat, completely ignoring the danger.

Euralia could also drive excellently. She was no longer the weak woman.

She was now an Almighty Goddess, and there was no one who could match her.

The car arrived at the school gate in a short time, and Euralia had already swung the minibus behind it thousands of miles away.

"Mommy, you have a great driving skill, especially the drift just now. You are so cool!" Tyron gave Euralia a thumbs up sign.

"I'm a versatile Mommy, so I can protect you." Euralia replied with a smile.

As a mother and a father, she became powerful enough because of them.

"But Mommy, who was following us just now?" Tyron asked curiously.

"It's still some gossipy reporters. Luckily, I got rid of them. Or I don't know what will happen tomorrow. "

She breathed a sigh of relief.

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