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   Chapter 163 Live On (Part Two)

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"It's a long story," Euralia sighed.

She immediately borrowed the woman's cell phone and dialed the new number of Moore. Moore changed his phone number to the one he had called after he knew that there was something wrong with Euralia.

And his purpose was not to contact with Bill. In his eyes, Bill was no longer a man who could give Euralia happiness. He would definitely take her away from Bill.

When he received the call, he had already arrived at the hotel. Before long, he arrived at the woman's room.

The moment Moore walked in, the woman was immediately attracted by him.

The girl introduced herself to them. They knew that she was a doctor, and her name was Cynthia Zhao.

She lived abroad all year round, and today she just had to go back and go abroad. Cynthia Zhao, who fell in love with Moore at the first sight, had made up her mind to give a helping hand after learning their situation.

With the help of Cynthia, Euralia successfully made use of others' identity and went abroad. Besides, she successfully saved her baby under the help of Cynthia.

However, Bill was living a painful life in the Ou Mansion and in every day after Euralia left.

His heart was full of remorse. He didn't even know whether Euralia was still alive or not. It was a big problem whether they could see each other again in their lifetime.

In the days after Euralia left, he missed her even more. At the same time, his hatred of Scott grew with each passing day.

Shirley spent every minute with him, but every time she was thrown thousands of miles away by Bill.

Shirley had tried to make Bill forget about Euralia after she was missing for a month. She moved the items ou

she got up with satisfaction.

Looking at the brother and sister, Euralia couldn't help but smile. She had become a good and virtuous mother now.

She was no longer the naive girl she used to be, and became very mature and beautiful.

"Come and have breakfast. Mommy will take you to school." Euralia shouted.

Belle held her brother's hand and walked into the dining room.

Except Tyron's eyes were similar to Bill, others were similar to Euralia. Belle even was the replica of Euralia.

"Mommy, you rarely take a few days off. We want to spend more time with you."

After Tyron helped Belle pull the chair out, he climbed onto the chair himself. When Euralia wasn't at home, Tyron always took good care of Belle. Although he was young, he was as sensible as an adult.

"No, you can't delay your study. I'll take you out tomorrow weekend."

She knew that in the past five years, she had been busy working outside to support her family. Although Moore gave her money, she was an independent strong woman now.

Euralia didn't want to rely on anyone anymore. After she left Bill, her life had changed greatly.

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