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   Chapter 160 Call Off The Wedding

Interminable Love For You By White Characters: 10442

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As soon as Bill saw that it was Scott, he hung up the phone.

Just then, Shirley came back home. She and Scott had already guessed that the call would be ended.

"Bill, Uncle Scott called me too. He said he had something important to tell you."

The reason why she came here was to prevent Bill from telling Euralia that the wedding dress was specially made for her.

She could tell from Euralia's eyes that she didn't trust Bill that much.

If they misunderstood each other this time, it would be a big step for her to successfully force Euralia to leave.

"Mind your own business." Bill glared at her angrily.

"But you know Uncle Scott. He is a man of his word. I'm doing this for your own good. He said something about Euralia."

Shirley knew that he cared a lot about Euralia. As long as it was about her, he would definitely take it seriously.

Thinking of the fact that Scott had warned him of the same thing, he had no choice but to pick up his phone and call his father.

After the talk was over, the phone slipped from his hand.

He didn't expect Scott to break them up in such a way.

"Bill, what happened?" Shirley had already known what was going on. She just pretended that she didn't know anything about it.

Without answering, Bill looked at Euralia, who was sitting on the couch alone near the French window.

'Euralia, will you misunderstand me if I do this? Could it be that...'

It was the first time that Bill felt so stressful. He didn't know how to say those words to her.

He knew better than anyone that she had taken him as the whole world. But now, she had a scar on her face. This was the time when she needed his love the most.

However, he had to make a concession to his rival.

He walked towards the living room step by step.

"You are back." Eurallia looked at him blankly.

Bill nodded. He was not ready to tell her everything.

But Scott had given him time. If he failed to finish the task, his father would take Euralia away at any time.

"I'm very tired today. I'm going to have a rest first." Lowering his head, Bill felt too ashamed to face her.

"But I have something important to ask you." Seeing that he didn't look well, Euralia got more panic.

"Let's talk about it later." Seeing her like this, Bill's heart broke. He was afraid that he couldn't say these words.

"My question is very simple. It won't take you too long."

She had noticed his unusual behavior. The wedding dress came into her mind suddenly. The one that suited Shirley very well.

Besides, she had been letting her imagination run wild for the whole day. Now she was even less confident about her relationship with him.

She clenched her fists with her palms sweating.

"Euralia, can you wait for me a little bit longer?" Bill raised his eyes, full of pity.

"No! Do you still love me? Bill!"

She stared into his eyes and knew that she was no longer the person she used to be.

He didn't answer directly, though he had said "I love you" in his heart for thousands of times.

But he didn't dare to speak it out now, because he felt that he didn't deserve

e was an innocent and immature woman. She was so single-minded that she believed every word that Bill said.

Of course, she had no doubt about what he had said today.

Bill left and went back to his room. He had to make everything perfect for the next day. He couldn't let his father find out the truth.

Both Euralia and Bill couldn't fall asleep that night.

Euralia was so desperate that she even wanted to die. But thinking of the baby in her belly, she gave up the idea.

Bill used to tell stories to his baby every night.

Perhaps it was because of his absence tonight, the baby kept kicking her belly, which was so painful.

She rolled over on the bed. At this moment, she felt that she would rather die than live.

She even had the thought of ending all of this. Enduring the pain, she walked to the closet and took out a pair of scissors.

When she was about to stab her belly, she saw her bulging belly was moving.

It looked like a little foot!

She finally put down the scissor in her hand. She knew that she could not selfishly take the baby's right to live.

The pain made her feel the desire of this little life for this big world.

She had been downhearted but was once again awakened by this little life.

"I can still take you to live well without him."

She said to the baby in her belly. The baby seemed to understand her words and stopped moving soon.

She was still sad, but she didn't cry any more.

She had decided to be strong for the sake of her baby. Now that he had no intention of marrying her, she could leave him alone.

She had planned to run away tomorrow. This time, she made up her mind to leave this place forever.

The next morning, it was still sunny outside.

However, something unexpected happened.

In the morning, the door of her room was opened, and Bill walked in.

She got dressed up neatly and didn't cry any more, as if nothing had happened yesterday.

Her face was expressionless and looked very cold.

Seeing her like this, Bill was not familiar with her at all and got a little worried.

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