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   Chapter 159 Felt Inferior

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A week after Euralia was injured, Bill had called the best doctor to treat her. The wounds on her face soon healed, while the scars were gradually formed on her face.

It happened that the doctor was going to remove the bandage on her face, which was also the most worried moment for Bill.

He couldn't imagine how Euralia would accept the fact.

The doctor had told Bill in advance that the scars on her face extended from chin to the corners of eyes. It was a large scar.

That was exactly the reason why it was hard to remove the scars.

At this moment, Bill had come to her room and accompanied her. He was doing psychological work for her.

"One week's treatment. It should be better now." At this moment, Euralia had brought the mirror and was constantly looking in it.

"Euralia, it's certain that your wound has scars. The doctor also said it would take some time before the scar would disappear. "

Bill didn't tell her the truth because he couldn't bear to let her overthink about it.

"I know. As you said, with the advanced technology nowadays, it's a piece of cake to remove this kind of scar, isn't it?"

There was not a trace of worry on her face, because she believed that she would be able to restore her original look.

Bill nodded and felt more guilty when he saw her happy.

"Why do you look unhappy today?" She put down the mirror and stared at him, frowning.

"How could I be unhappy? But the scars on your face haven't been removed. I'm a little worried that you won't adapt to the scars. "

A doctor was on his way here to remove the stethoscope on her face. He was worried that it might be unacceptable to her.

"No, as long as you don't mind me." Euralia leaned on his shoulder and said softly.

At this moment, Terri came to the door of Euralia's room with the doctor.

Bill soothed her and asked her to close her eyes. The doctor began to remove the bandage on her face.

Euralia kept asking the doctor whether the scar on her face was obvious. Actually, she was afraid.

If the scars on her face were not cured, she would have to live with them for the rest of her life.

"Okay, you can open your eyes now."

Finally, Bill arrived. He couldn't imagine her expression when she saw the big scar on her face.

She opened her eyes slowly and saw a deep black scar on her fair face in the mirror.

She screamed. The situation was more serious than she thought!

"Is this really me? Why is my wound so big? " In a panic, she threw the mirror in Bill's hand to the ground.

She was dumbfounded, unable to accept such a change.

The scar was from the corner of her eyes to her chin. The cut was too deep, so even if it was healing, it needed surgery to recover the appearance. But there was little chance of her to completely recover her appearance.

"Euralia, don't worry. You will be all right soon." Seeing her frightened look, Bill held her in his arms sorrowfully.

"But I don't like myself any more."

Cried Euralia. The sudden change of her face was hard for her to accept.

"It's enough that I like you." His heart was broken.

For the first time, he felt so helpless about a problem that could not be solved by money.

"But even I don't like myself anymore." At that moment, what she fe

Shirley, who was eavesdropping not far away, curled up her lips. She knew that Euralia had begun to suspect Bill due to her inferior

That's exactly what she wanted to see. If everything went well, Scott's plan had already begun.

After packing up her thoughts, Euralia went to the living room and waited quietly for Bill.

Without having lunch, Terri called Bill and told him about the situation. Learning that Euralia didn't eat on time, Bill immediately put down his work and was about to go home.

But he was stopped by a document sent in by Shirley.

"Mr. Bill, the client said he wanted you to deal with this document right away. This is one of the biggest customers of the company, so... "

"Put it aside first. I have something urgent to deal with." He answered without hesitation.

"But the client said it wasn't done today, so the cooperation was cancelled." Shirley didn't expect that Bill still cared so much about Euralia after she was disfigured.

"Cancel it."

After saying that, Bill went out. He received a call from the people who were in charge of customized wedding dress this morning, and he rushed back to give a surprise to Euralia.

For him, now Euralia was more important than anything else. As long as she was happy, he would do anything including giving up the hundreds of millions of profits.

After he left the office, Shirley was so angry that she threw the documents in her hands on the table.

Michelle was a little surprised to see that. Shirley was a gentle woman in usual. But deep inside, she was really different.

That was not beyond her expectation. All she needed to do now was waiting for the fight between Euralia and her and she would be the real beneficiary by then.

Seeing that Shirley picked up the phone and made a call to someone, Shirley went out of the office angrily.

At the moment, Bill had returned to the Ou Mansion. His heart ached when he saw Euralia sitting alone in the living room, dejected.

When he was about to walk in to comfort her and tell her this surprise, his phone rang.

Bill took out his mobile phone. He had always remembered this strange number!

It was him again! Scott!

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