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   Chapter 157 He Will Love Me If She Disappears (Part Two)

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"You are intimate again! I'll tear you up! "

Shirley didn't expect that her carefully planned plan not only didn't separate them, but also made them more intimate.

The two wished they could cherish each other more. After all, they had gone through life and death together before.

He could easily see through her mind and quickly dispel the misunderstandings and conflicts between them.

As for Euralia, she was not as self-willed as before. She was more understanding. The couple got along well with each other even though Shirley kept provoking them.

Thinking of this, Shirley had to make every move. It seemed that Bill was so obsessed with Euralia. If so, she will let Euralia disappear in this world forever.

This was the only way she could take back the man she had loved for so many years from Euralia.

The two got more intimate after being together.

Next morning, Bill made breakfast for her himself, but only for this one. Shirley sat aside, pretending to cough, but in vain to attract Bill's attention.

She was so jealous of their interaction while they were having breakfast.

It was not until Bill went to work that Shirley had the chance to speak to her.

"Euralia, I'm going to the supermarket to buy some daily necessities. Would you like to go out with me?"

Shirley warmly invited her to go out with her.

"No. Billy said my belly is getting bigger and it's not convenient for me to go to a crowd." While saying that, she looked down at the bulged belly.

For the sake of her baby, she was obedient and stopped being naughty.

"There should be no one in the supermarket at this time. It's boring for me to go there alone. Besides, I'm here. What are you afraid of? "

"Shirley, have you recovered from your illnes

ittle girl in front of her had raised her feet before Euralia was about to say something. She screamed in horror. At the same time, the little girl had been taken to the elevator.

She was safe on the deck of her feet. She gave a helping hand immediately, but her strength was limited. Even if she had tried her best, she still couldn't get the little girl up.

The toy in the little girl's hand was dragged out by the escalator and it slashed her fair face, leaving a scar.

Euralia could not help crying as she watched the little life leaving.

Disappointment could be seen in Shirley's eyes when she was safe and sound.

The accident in the supermarket was not an accident, but a carefully planned by Shirley and Scott. However, they didn't expect that Euralia was so lucky.

"You are not always so lucky, Euralia." Shirley glared at Euralia whose face was covered with blood, clenching her fists slightly.

There were more and more onlookers. It was the first time that Euralia had seen such a scene.

She even forgot there were scars on her face till the blood stained her white maternity dress.

Only then did she feel a pang on her face and pass out.

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