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   Chapter 155 He Is Not An Ordinary Man

Interminable Love For You By White Characters: 10851

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Moore could tell that Shirley cared about the way Bill looked at her.

"Euralia is still eating in the dining room." As soon as Moore answered, Shirley had put on the mask.

After a short while, Bill headed to the dining room, leaving Moore and Shirley in the living room.

"Miss Shirley, is your mouth really allergic to lipstick?"

Moore walked over to her, lowered his head and glanced at her. However, Shirley was avoiding the eye contact.

"What are you doing! Are you happy to see me like this?" She hated him very much. If it weren't for him, she wouldn't have let Bill see how embarrassed she was just now.

"I just care about you. To show my sincerity, I'll get you a glass of water. Drink more water if your mouth is red and swollen."

He got her a glass of water.

Shirley glanced at him and said nothing.

"Are you worrying that I might poison you? Just some common water." Said Moore with a weird smile on his face.

"I'm not thirsty!" She replied coldly.

"Well, I have to go now." Then he went upstairs.

Shirley took out her mobile phone, opened her mask and looked at her own lips. Her mouth was a little dry, and she picked up the water that Moore poured and drank it.

To her surprise, the water was still a little hot, which made her lips hotter.

She put down the glass awkwardly and tried to cool it down with her hands waving back and forth. She kept cursing him in her heart. She didn't expect that she couldn't even drink a glass of warm water now.

After that, Euralia and Bill walked out of the dining room hand in hand. Euralia was shocked to see Shirley's lips.

"Shirley, your lips are so red and swollen. I think you'd better have a check-up in the hospital."

She didn't see that since Shirley was wearing a mask just now, but now she saw her face clearly. Her mouth was badly deformed.

At the sight of the scene, Shirley put on her mask in a hurry and left the house for a check-up.

This accident deepened her hatred for Moore and Euralia.

She had always been a perfect person since her childhood. It was the first time that she had shown up in such an embarrassed manner in front of others.

She was even unhappier to show her imperfect side in front of Bill.

She went to the hospital alone, and her red swollen mouth didn't get better until the afternoon. At the same time, she received a call from B city.

In the house, Bill, who also got a call, looked very angry after hanging up the phone.

Euralia saw that it was from Scott. It must be about her or Shirley.

"Billy, what did he say?" Euralia looked at him uneasily.

"He told Shirley to help me with the company affairs from now on." Although Bill opposed, his objection was invalid.

He didn't expect that Scott would use such a method to bring them together.

"He just wants her to help with the company affairs. I believe Shirley won't cause you any trouble. She is a smart and competent girl."

Euralia thought it was no more than helping.

"My silly sister, can't you see that Scott's intention is to give them more time to get along and start to cultivate his future daughter-in-law?"

At the same time, Moore came downstairs and interrupted them.

"I trust you, Billy. You just work toge

ght ahead with a cold face.

"Bill, do you have more tissues?" She asked.

At the crossing, Bill stopped his car at the red light. He casually handed her a box of tissues on his side.

However, what she caught was not the tissues, but his hand.

"Bill, I feel a little uncomfortable and cold." She grabbed his hand, with no intention of letting it go.

He turned his head slightly and took a glance at her. Then he got rid of her hand.

"Do you need me to send you to the hospital?" His words sounded that he was caring, but his tone was very indifferent.

"No, thanks. I can go home and change my clothes." With these words, she began to cough.

Without asking more, Bill drove all the way back.

On the other side, Shirley was busy undoing her clothes and wiping her skin of her neck, but Bill didn't look at her again along the way.

She was a little disappointed, for her appearance was no worse than that of Euralia. And more importantly, her ability was much better than that of her. She thought today's performance would make him look at her differently.

However, she didn't expect that he was still so indifferent. If she wanted to see his warm side, she had to have Euralia's presence.

Shirley was unwilling to miss such a good opportunity to be alone with him. She must get his care today.

Because of the heavy rain, Euralia worried about Bill and had been waiting for him outside the living room.

Moore had tried many times to persuade her to go home and wait, but she refused again and again.

"Billy and Shirley haven't come back yet. It's raining so heavily outside." She murmured.

"Don't worry. I have known about Bill for these days. He won't hook up with Shirley."

While waiting with her, Moore kept comforting her.

In fact, Euralia just worried about their safety and didn't think about anything else. After all, Shirley didn't mean to harm her.

"Please make way. Shirley has passed out!"

Moore saw it was raining heavily on Bill's face. He held Shirley in his arms and rushed into the living room, passing Euralia.

When she turned her head, she saw that Bill had already put Shirley on the sofa.

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