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   Chapter 154 Warning (Part Two)

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"Why don't you eat? Did you put something in the breakfast? " Moore purposely stimulated her to let her eat her breakfast.

"Why do you think I put something in the breakfast? Are you being suspicious? " Thinking of that, Shirley stirred the troubles more quickly.

"Miss Shirley, since you are so serious, I'm just kidding. Did you really put other stuff in it? "

His words irritated Shirley. She immediately picked up the breakfast with a spoon and ate it.

At the moment she ate the breakfast, she felt that the fire in her mouth was going to rise. She kept sweating and drank the milk on the table.

She dared not to say anything, in order to prove that she had not put anything in the dish, she ate up the breakfast one by one.

"Miss. Shirley, why are you sweating?"

Seeing that, Moore was even more certain that she might put chili in the breakfast.

"It's too hot. I'll go back and take a shower first." Shirley's face turned red because of the chili. She put down the spoon and went back to her room.

Pleased with himself, Moore walked out of the restaurant. He gave her a warning, in which case she shouldn't meddle in the relationship between Bill and Euralia.

Sitting in the living room, Euralia saw that Shirley went upstairs with her face flushing red. Worried, she followed her.

"Shirley, what's wrong with you? Are you okay? " She kept knocking at the door.

"It's okay. I'm taking a shower now. You go to accompany your brother first. " In the room, Shirley kept fanning herself.

Her lips were so red and swollen. Looking at herself in the mirror, the woman's beautiful lips were deformed. At the sight of this, her hatred for both of Moore and Eurali

d ask Terri to prepare some drinks for you." Euralia stood up and went to the dining room.

Watching her leave, Shirley was slightly relieved.

She angrily leaned back on the sofa, but the mask on her face was a bit tightened and rubbed on her tender lips.

She couldn't help taking off her mask to get some fresh air. And it was weird to wear a mask all of a sudden.

"It hurts!" Shirley murmured to herself.

All her attention was on her swollen lips. She didn't notice someone coming in from the door.

"Where is Euralia?" Bill suddenly returned home and looked at her.

"Ah! Why are you back, Bill? " Shirley screamed and immediately covered her mouth with her hands.

She was a perfect woman. She couldn't stand being exposed in front of Bill like this.

Bill was expressionless. He was puzzled to see her being so intense. He even didn't ask the reason why her mouth was swollen.

In fact, in his eyes, Euralia was the most beautiful woman in the world. The beauty and ugliness of other people had nothing to do with him.

At the sight of this, Moore doubted that Shirley might have feelings for Bill.

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